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  1. It makes me want to {censored} a hamburger. Is that a sign of beastiality? No, Necrophilia
  2. Thats a good price. Im seeing these going to 1200 or so in the US..I have a feeling they wont sell as much as Fender hopes. I like the feel of this...hmmm Where are they 1200???!!!???
  3. Espresso, milk based in the mornings, black in the afternoons
  4. A 64 with Marr mods? http://www.elderly.com/vintage/names/fender-and-reg%3b-jaguar-and-reg%3b-%281964%29--30U-17085.htm
  5. Originally Posted by Ferdinandstrat What's right with Wolfmother? fix'd
  6. nick thinks the SCOD sounds like a tweed bassman at certain settings (iirc that was one of the recommended settings sent with the pedal) i think it sounds plexi-ish...which...isnt far from a tweed bassman. its got a lot more gain on tap than you'd think for it being an overdrive. I thought the colour of the (original) SCOD's was the giveaway as to what amp they trying to 'replicate'?
  7. send the stuff to "Flight of the Conchords" for inspiration for the next season.
  8. just received my OLC Chunky Cheese... sweet
  9. I could use some morphine right now...whats with the salt:confused: thats not salt and you aint in kansas toto
  10. I'm sorry if you've felt victimized by the veracity of this thread. Truly. I really _do_ have to get back to work though, so until the morrow... for realz. well to be honest i do feel victimised and for what reason i do not know. victimising folks i pretty lame and certainly a strange way of behaving. i consulted your site and nothing in the product info reveals what the separate sides of the shoegazer do and on the ILF forums you - as the owner of the company - have never spoken nor confirmed what the two sides do (not that i have seen)... hence when the opportunity came to ask a question here and prompted by you, i attempted to take advantage of the offer. and also given you said you are incredibly busy i took the opportunity to not burden you with multiple points of contact on what i thought was a rather simple question.
  11. Answer what? devi, could you please provide information on the two sides of the Shoegazer? Is one side a Torns Peaker circuit and the other a Soda Meiser? Thank you for you r professional timely response to this product purchase related question. Chris (the guy that has had your back on this forum and also offline, but seems to be getting no love in return)
  12. Well... adding "could you" and "?" at the end makes all the difference, doesn't it? :poke: It's the difference between a statement and a question. Example : Statement - Get me some pie bitch. Question - Can you get me some pie bitch? Until the morrow. So why cant you just answer it? I was intending on making a purchase but not so sure now. So much for supporting you and having it thrown back at me... fine line between being clever and obstreperous.
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