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Disaster Transport anyone?

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  • Disaster Transport anyone?

    Interested in checking out a review? If so... you can find it here.

    Is anyone else rocking one? If so - please tell us what you think!





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    Looks like a nice replacement for the RDS4000 that i miss so much. The thing I liked about the RDS so much was the fact that you could coax some phasey/flangey sounds out of in the lowest delay times. Is that at all possible with the Disaster Transpot Sr.?


    • Phil O'Keefe
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      You can certainly get some short delay and flutter echo type effects out of it... the minimum delay time each of the two delays is 30ms, which is just long enough to get it into the perceptable range... anything too much shorter than that and our ears have a harder time distingushing it from the original sound. Set both of them short, but not quite at the exact same delay time, and then play with the Bleed knob, and all kinds of interesting interactions occur. However, for true flanging, the delay time would have to be even shorter - usually flanging is in the sub-10ms range in terms of delay time. 

      The modulation is pretty cool too. You can get anything from a barely perceptable hint of movement through very heavy pitch sweeps that are guaranteed to make a walrus seasick.