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Dead Man guitar sound?


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  • Dead Man guitar sound?

    What fuzz is needed? What can I buy to get that sound? Specifically, the distorted guitar tones themselves, I'm not talking about reverb/delay.

    And I'm talking about Neil Young's soundtrack for "Dead Man", and I'm a tad drunk.

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    Originally Posted by Drifter182

    whenever I see one of these threads I pictures Phils face at the back of a dim-light bar slamming his empty glass of gin and coke a bit loudly on the table muttering something about "....stupid band, always giving me a headache with thread titles....." he wipes his lips away in disgust and quietly walks into the night, wishing his Class 5 had black tape on it.

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    catalinbread forumla 5?  microphonic pups might help too




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      Great film and soundtrack

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      goodhonk wrote:

      catalinbread forumla 5?  microphonic pups might help too



      yeah I could get this with my mini-bone. seems I can hear almost a hint of bone-tone in that.

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    Dr. Goldenglove wrote:

    What fuzz is needed? What can I buy to get that sound? Specifically, the distorted guitar tones themselves, I'm not talking about reverb/delay.

    IMHO the delay and reverb tools he uses are just as important to achieve that sound. The echoes are coming from an analog delay, the reverb from the standalone Fender Reverb with tubes which attributes to the drive sounds in the Tweed Deluxe.

    I could go into that ballpark with the Zendrive and Aqua Puss into my Princeton with the spring reverb on 8-9-10.

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      • Durham Electronics Crazy Horse Fuzz...

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    I can get reasonable approximations of that tone using a Deluxe Memory Man into a germanium Fuzz Face clone with bias and voltage controls turned to the point where it's just about to start to **************** up. The Colorsound Overdriver, or clones thereof, is another good dirt box for Neil Young tones (Jeff Tweedy calls the Prescription Electronics clone "Neil Young in a box"). Stacking a couple overdrives into each other or slamming the front end of an overdrive with a clean boost can do it. I've used a Linear Power Boost into an old MXR Distortion+ with great results.

    Haven't tried the Durham Crazy Horse, but I'd love to spend some time with one.


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      I'm a very big fan of the Dead Man soundtrack, it's became an obsession for me. 

      Neil Young Dead man Sound.

      - 1953 Les Paul Gold Top black repaint with P90 neck and Firebird Pick Up for the Bridge. I think he use The P90 for The Dead Man Sound. really important : THE BIGSBY he use it a lot.

      - 1959 Tweed Fender Deluxe rebiased to use 6L6s: First Volume on 12 second on 9.9, tone 12 you have to make it break up !

      - extension speaker Magnatone 280 stereo vibrato-the Lonnie Mack amp-with two 12s

      - Reverb: For the clean/crunch Fender reverb unit straight into the Deluxe. For the very Fuzzy sound : Alesis Microverb "that's in a strange setting that's 100% reverb. When he plays it its almost atonal and you can hardly tell what note it is. It gets the high frequency feedback squeal. Used in conjunction with other things, it gets some very bizarre sounds." Larry Cragg

      - For the Delay : Vintage green MXR analog delay and an old Echoplex. I think he used the Echoplex on Dead Man.

      - And the secret weapon: Mutron octave divider. That's because of the Mutron that the sound **************** up at the end of the Guitar Solo 5.

      There is no fuzz involved, it's the conjunction of all the analog gear (P90 + deluxe + tape echo + mutron + CRAZY VOUME) that create the fuzzy sound and last but not least the incredible guitar playing and feelings of Mr Young.

      All of this gear are very expensive. In a more affordable version you can use.

      - A good Gibson Les paul (or copy) with P90 and Bigsby. 

      - Fender Deluxe Reissue or a good and powerfull clean amp. The new amps don't break like the old one so you can use pedals. I use a Fulltone OCD for the clean/crunch Sound and a boss HM2 for the fuzzy Sound. 

      - EHX holy Grail for the reverb

      - An Analog delay: boss DM2, Ibanez AD80 or cheaper MXR Carbon Copy or very cheaper artec analog delay

      - Octaver: EHX octave multiplexer

      I hope that's help.

      ps: sorry for my English but i'm french.


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        being french is no excuse.