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who uses max/msp?

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  • who uses max/msp?

    i'm taking a course in it this semester and it's pretty awesome. i'm still really rough with it, obviously,

    but it's a lot of fun. building a delay patch at the moment. the square/saw mod wave shapes aren't

    working right, but once i get around that, i'm gonna add multi-tap, distortion, stereo, stuttering,

    a warm pair of socks, etc.


    anyone else using it? i can include this patch if anyone wants it, but if you even have max you

    probably see how simple it is, haha.


    Screen shot 2013-03-10 at 7.54.05 PM.png

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    Awesome dude! I use it to run monome apps with my Lahnchpad. I haven't made any patches though; I'd love too but I don't have the time to sit and learn. Some day.
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    • PKTrono
      PKTrono commented
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      thanks! it's definitely a daunting program. i've had it on my computer for ages but having a course/someone

      i can turn to with questions definitely helps*. the tutorials are really helpful and detailed, but it's still a lot to

      take on! if you can though, i definitely recommend it!


      edit: *i just sent the patch for a once-over by my professor and apparently my lengthy

      [if $i1 == 0 then be an ****************************] object is handled just as well as [sel 0] /

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    GG: i haven't written or recorded anything in a while because of school. also i lost your PM with HC3.0

    phil: i'll definitely send it when i'm all done! about max runtime though, the reason it's free is because you can't edit the patches themselves!

    BG79: i've never used c-sound, but i can say max makes a lot of sense to me (as difficult as it is!)


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      I use Max/msp with my guitar (mash application).

      I also converted my guitar to be used as a monome in addition to the regular use.

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      • BG76
        BG76 commented
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        I would def check out C-Sound. If nothing else it will teach you a lot about programming but the really cool thing about it is it's totally modular so you can program it to do anything you want.

        I studied C-Sound (and MAX) with Dr. Boulanger @ Berklee back in the mid-90s. At the time there were some pretty amazing things happening with software and computers. You had to work in C pretty much but these days there are different ways to work (Java, etc...). I remember when a MIDI in/out was developed. When I was first learning C-Sound you would just program and compile.

        The thought at the time would be that a company could make identical hardware - say a green box, yellow box, red box, black box, etc... and have different software loaded on each. This was kind of pre virtual instruments (although Sample Cell was out). A different time for sure, but we had companies like Opcode and it was kind of a different and exciting time.

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      i usually describe max/msp as a "visual C for sound", so it's funny that there's already a C for audio.
      confused about the modular thing though. max/msp is as well! and you can write your own objects if you need something it doesn't have

      very cool echoes! there's an analyzer~ object based on fiddle~ that does pitch to midi. you might be interested in it!


      • PKTrono
        PKTrono commented
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        just an update here, i'm making loads of headway on a HEXE revolver type stutter effect. all the mechanics are worked out and it's just a matter of what little add-ons i want. also i have to map it to a midi foot controller, but that's really easy to do

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      Proof or its all bologna.
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      • Hipster Hopper
        Hipster Hopper commented
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        I use Max/Msp a lot, but since I have to use an APP that works only on Serialosc, I can't use my favorite tool : the nonome app that converts a qwerty keyboard into a monome.

        If anybody can help me about that (convert an old app to serialosc compatibility) I'll be very happy !

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      dig that cherokee stutter. and yeah i forgot to turn it on for that whoops


      • hangwire
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        kickstarter coming?