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  • Stereo Pulsar mod help

    Anyone out there who can advise me on modding my Trem?

    I have a EHX Stereo pulsar but the rate drives me mad, I only ever seem to use speeds with the knob between 8:45 and 9:15. A tiny range that I could use more control over.

    Would it be as simple changing out the pot?

    Any advice appriciated...




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    Out of curiosity, have you backed down the depth and tried the pedal? Lots of people are thrown off by how the stereo pulsar reaches other pedals' max depth at like 65% of depth and then it goes into an odd asynchronous zone
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      I LOVE my Pulsar


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        Editing a comment

        Also I found both rate and depth more maneagable when running on a battery than on an adapter. 


        Anyway to change a range you would need a new pot yes but also you would need to wire up a resistor in series to limit the range's speed to whatever value the pot is at about 10 o clock say.


        I don't know what values those would be myself since I've never look inside one.