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  • Off topic, but worthwhile for all

    From Allistair Humphrey's:


    How to be more creative:

    1. Ignore everybody.
    2. The idea doesn


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    If I may;
      Regarding the new leaf of forum interaction...consider not just addressing it to "the passionate".
    It is already divisive, classifying people and subtley applying a value judgement...painting the star on the belly of some sneetches.

    Perhaps someone else is working from a different nature...not from a fire element.


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      I'm already about 20 or so years older than that.

    • Phil O'Keefe
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      There's definitely a lot of good suggestions on that list. Thanks for posting it.


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    Condescension is always a good approach....


    • captain insane-o
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      companyman wrote:
      Condescension is always a good approach....

      hey companyman;

      I'm assuming the comment is addressing the original topic post (and poster).

      Synaptic Groove and I were discussing people's apparent misgivings toward him and the reasons behind them.  He is currently of the thought that the misgivings has to do with his job as a small manfufacturer of electronic effects.  I forwarded that i may stem from othr reasons (like manner of communication) and that we could just plainly ask those who have em to find out more about the hows an whys.

      It would appear to me (just my interpretation) that you have some misgivings about Synaptic Groove as a poster.

      1) Is that the case?
      2) Why? (just to focus that qustion : is it that Synaptic Groove's job is in effects manufacturing OR that it has to do with his approach  to communication OR something else entirely)?

      Thanks for your time and feedback!

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    Nice list.
    ANARCHY AUDIO AUSTRALIA (Hand wired/assembled Effects from the West Coast of Australia)

    J0HanSolo's Youtube Gear Demos

    Formerly known as HungPhat