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thread for when ninjas infiltrate your house

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  • thread for when ninjas infiltrate your house

    i hate those ****************ers theyre always lurking behind my drapes and crawling around under the carpet. what the **************** do they want from me

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    does that ever happen to you guys?


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      it happened to me once.



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        im all like, jeez ninjas, just leave me the **************** alone, and theyre all


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          Pro tip: If you know they're there, they aren't real ninjas.
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            total dicks


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              the ninjas i mean


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                I have 1 total dicks.
                He was killed in the ring in Houston. By Tex Colorado. You know, the Arizona Assassin.


                Originally Posted by Dolf

                Decode: saying the things you wish you could say but you have tact.

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                  how do feel about pirates?
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                  Originally Posted by DrakkarTyrannis

                  Ya'll n****s is gay

                  Cheers, Lucius.

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                  SG ARMY


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                    this one time, a clan of ninjas killed my family and my clan. then the head ninja of that clan took my life.
                    the rage and guilt caused my soul to wander the netherrealm. a sorcerer gave me a physical form again for his own purposes. but for now, i seek revenge on sub zero.

                    i am...

                    the world is one big fist fight.

                    Originally Posted by duncan

                    I wonder what a persons life must be like if they're so easily affected by my posting on an Internet forum.

                    Originally Posted by Rear Naked

                    I saw 2 guys do it, and all they did was laugh really hard and say What The **************** a few times. No deaths or near-deaths occured.


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                        how do feel about pirates?

                        everybody loves hippos silly
                        (Personal footnote: I'm 56, and a lot of things don't work so great anymore. The wrist is one example. Another is my Johnson, which doesn't fire up like it used to. Sometimes it hardly works at all. A year ago it actually backfired. The guy at the outboard motor repair shop where I bring it says this is common with an old Johnson.)


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                            how do feel about pirates?

                            im cool with pirates as long as they clean up after themselves when they come over. like, dont drink all my beer, eat all my microwave chicken sandwiches, say dirty sailor **************** to my little sister and then leave a huge mess in the kitchen for me to wake up to in the morning.

                            hippos are ****************ing ****************s


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                              everybody loves hippos silly

                              Originally Posted by scratchie

                              Youse gots butthurtz cause youse gots too meeny deeks stuck in you mans poosie.