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I've developed a new love for P-100s.

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  • I've developed a new love for P-100s.

    Holy crap!
    I finally got new tuners for my '93 Les Paul Special and tried it with my new rig for the first time today.
    No noise gate needed.
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    I used to have one of those. loved it.
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      That grill cloth is atrocious.
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        sounds massive

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          You need to do your clip with a higher quality amp next time..


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            You need to do your clip with a higher quality amp next time..

            More like adjust the noise gate on the camera.
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              Sounds great!


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                I wonder how close they sound to the Gibson P94s, I have some in an LTD Viper of mine and they sound fantastic.

                Awesome tones, despite YT quality. Diezels always sound win
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                  Sounds great
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                    Nice circa 2002 add9 chords.
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                    All that said, I'm still a jackass.

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                    Not a ****************ing chance. Seriously. Sig it bishes

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                      I wonder how close they sound to the Gibson P94s, I have some in an LTD Viper of mine and they sound fantastic.

                      Awesome tones, despite YT quality. Diezels always sound win

                      my SG is 500T split in the bridge, P94 in the neck and ive never bothered to actually check, but they may be out of phase. better call klops.
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                      Cheers, Lucius.

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                        My penis just perked up.

                        I've never heard anyone speak favorably of the P-100s. Sounds good :shrug:


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                          The "h90" or whatever it is in the BJ Armstrong lp jr is one of my favorite pickups ever. Shame I don't own one.
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                            I had a set in my LP Jr...pulled 'em out and put Gibby P90's in.

                            The 90's are rawer...but the 100's sound more modern and smooth...and are MUCH quieter.

                            Different...but difficult to say one's better than the other. Just depends on what you're doing with 'em.
                            (Thru a Herbert too )
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                            Originally Posted by Sixtonoize


                            I couldn't have said it better.

                            Originally Posted by K-Bizzle

                            Yeah I'm with Abstract here...

                            Originally Posted by Bob Savage

                            I like your style, and attention to reason.

                            Originally Posted by TornadoOfSouls

                            Just don't buy it from Dewy / Musicians Friend.

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                            Winner winner, chicken dinner!

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                              Dude that sounds really damn good! I have been really enjoying using my L-290-TL (which is a stacked humbucker in the vein of a P90) and it sounds absolutely awesome! It is not quite as modern as your sound, but it has some serious bite and clarity!

                              I would love to hear more of those P100s

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