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  1. Rrrrrggggghhhhh. I want that 7420. No funds. Aaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh
  2. IMO it's not really that simple.....the actual amp design itself has far greater impact on sound than the type of tubes you put in it. I think you'll not find a whole hell of a lot of difference once you get the amp and try swapping tubes.
  3. Hey Ray. You really need to go over to Amps. They'll help you out on your search!
  4. Thanks for the time stamp. I would still like to know. Go look at this profile...by clicking his username... Redfox777 General Information Last Activity:12-07-2006 08:53 AM You should probably just call him at home.
  5. Diezel Herbert TrainWreck clone built by Dan Hall Mesa MarkIII (red stripe) Twister F3 Peavey 6505+ Mesa Rectoverb Fender Bassman RI Jet City JCA50H Sovtek Mig 100 Fender Redknob Twin Egnater Rebel 20 Current amps bolded
  6. I smell old cheese daily Wash better Gramps.
  7. I randomly smell ammonia That's your feet.
  8. I see dead people. And yeah...when I hear things like this, I think schizophrenia... You ever lose large blocks of time? Wake up next to people you don't know? Find parts of dead people in your fridge? Those are some symptoms...
  9. Fake. Reported. The serial number can't be right.
  10. Well different people in the thread have mentioned putting KT66's in their 6L6 equipped amps, and basically if someone screws up they could end up putting a 400V plate voltage tube in an amp running more than 400V plate voltage. I'm not saying 6CA7's are EL34's, they're physically different (most obviously 6CA7's are bigger bottle tubes than current production EL34's), but there are unscrupulous dealers out there that would tell you they're selling you a 6CA7, when they're actually not. The lines are even further blurred when you look at some of the NOS tubes, where you can get bigger bottle EL34's that to all intents and purposes look like a 6CA7, but still aren't. All I'm saying is, changing the tube type in your amp can give some pretty cool sounding results, but just be aware that sometimes things are less directly swappable than some people would believe, and make sure you check out your amp specs and your tube specs before just going ahead and switching tubes. Some things that may seem obvious to you are less obvious to other people. Just trying to help people (particularly those with less experience) avoid damaging their amps. What about 5U4's like Nerine suggested?
  11. I once stepped on my dick. I was newly married and going to school full time. I had late classes so I'd wake up and get high before class. I was getting ready to smoke a bowl in the bathtub and was picking music out of a CD case. The case was on the floor and I was already naked. My dick was hanging down and for some reason while I was squatting there I put the heel of my foot on the head of it. Fast forward about 5 minutes. Found a great CD and put it in the player. Stood up. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU forgot I was still standing on my dick. {censored}ing hurt. Felt like a moron. Never told anyone. Till now.
  12. And we know douchebag would never break the law. Maybe someone should send these links to his parole officer. Bump. How?
  13. I didn't get my registration email...
  14. {censored}er's a felon now, right? How many 1911's does he claim to own? I think we need pics.
  15. ValveQueen! Great prices and she's a member here! http://www.valvequeen.com/
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