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My sexy new amp


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  • My sexy new amp

    Love it! Simple 20 watter, sexy as he||.

    For those wondering it's a Shaman Attitube G20 from Japan

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    Its...well, it has that clean, functional, Japanese look about it. Definitely got its own look going on. HNAD!
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      it definitely looks Japanese

      got any clips?
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      That is probably the single most ****************ed up thing I've ever seen posted on HCAF. Congrats.

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        that cab or
        great deals with Urinate Forever and stratedge09

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        Cheers, Lucius.

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          wtf is going on here....and what the hell is breezy?!?!
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          I love you.

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          I STILL love you!

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            looks interesting for sho...HNAD
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              First thing I thought of was this...

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              TC Electronic G-Major 2
              50W EL34 Rack Power Amp
              Lopo 2x12 Cab.

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              50 Rack Power Amp


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                I rike it!


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                  Looks slick. How much?
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                    Very modern looking.

                    Why they so cheap to not give you at least a basic 3 band EQ? (Low, Mid, High)


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                      When does it become self-aware and does it run on Skynet v1.0 or v2.0?
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                        Looks nice tbh.

                        But what the hell OP?!?!?!?! You post a NAD and leave us hanging with just pics No description, no clips, nothing?!?!?!??!!

                        And **************** Google
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                          LOL!  Sorry NBB.


                          Hand-Wired 20-Watt Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifier
                          - modern styling matched with classic tube amplifier tone

                          The AttiTube G20 features two EL84 tubes in the output stage and two 12AX7 tubes in the pre-amp. It provides volume and tone control and a three way mode switch.

                          AttiTube G20 is supplied with a 12-inch speaker cabinet. It clearly stands out from other conventional tube amplifiers in the market place both in style and in sound quality. The 20-Watt amplifier is hand crafted and uses its own customized oil condensers that can be rarely found on other tube amplifiers. Out unique output transformers are designed and built in-house. The design is from Geniel Lim, a tube amplifier designer and specialist with 50 years of experience.

                          The included 12" speaker is a perfect companion for the amplifier with its aluminium case. The speaker is housed in a distinctive high gloss white cabinet which complements the G20.



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                        I'm sure there is a way to have sex with it .
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                          It looks cool HNAD.
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                            lets hear it.
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