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Spam Thread 2/18/13


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  • Spam Thread 2/18/13

    Morning, all.

    I had a signature once...

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    Please see sig. 

    For SaleBoss OBD-3 Bass Distortion Like New $45 shipped.MXR Boost/Line Driver great condition with velcro. $60 shipped.Tech 21 Power Engine 60 Like new. $225


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      Dunlop Dime Crybaby From Hell with AC Adapter - $79 plus Shipping


      Ebay:\_Accessories&hash=item35c4a 616e4



      Zoom B2 Bass Multi-Effect Pedal - $49 plus Shipping


      Ebay:\_Accessories&hash=item35c3c 345a9



      Breedlove AD200 Acoustic Guitar with Gigbag - $299 plus Shipping




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      • FearTheVoices
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        Barber Tone Press FS or FT, looking for a MXR Ten Band EQ

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      Killer, killer Trainwreck Express clone built by renowned builder Mark Kane. I've owned several high end clones over the years and this is BY FAR the best one out there IMO. Nice cherry cab with a few minor blems...but nothing major. Newer Mesa EL34's. Also included is an early Komet Airbrake which works perfectly with this amp. I will not separate the pair so please don't ask.

      $1550 shipped CONUS.







      • Mark Nason
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        Stock loaded Fender Tom Delonge Stratocaster Pickguard. Exc condition. Loaded with Seymour Duncan Invader, volume CTS pot with treble bleed mod (stock from factory). $75.

        Will also part out

        Seymour Duncan Invader: $58

        Pickguard: $15

        Delonge Guard

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      Im interested in selling or perhaps trading my excellent condition vht pittbull 45 combo. It has the green tolex, and i was told (cant verify) it has new tubes by the previous owner. The tone is all there, but it doesnt quite have enough gain on tap for my style. Also, it has the BEST cleans ive ever heard! It has been outfitted with a celestion vintage 10 and an eminence ragin cajun. the tolex has a scuff or two but no major tears or dings. includes footswitch, which has a wonky light. im no electrician so i cant comment on whats wrong, but all the switching works fine. looking for $1000 plus shipping, or partial trade for high gain amps (combos or heads), or a power amp.vht pittbull 45 2x10 id like to come out with around $500 to buy some other gear. i have plenty of references here and on under this username.

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      my gear: guitars
      ibanez egen 8
      ibanez rg517 glitter green
      ibanez rg570
      jackson custom snakeskin

      peavey 6505+
      blackstar ht-1
      Rivera chubster 40 combo
      randall cabs


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        Orange OR15 head, barely used. $550 pay pal'd and shipped. I've come to grips with the fact that I need 2 channels This thing slays with mid-high gain though. Ships in the original packaging.



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          Lava Clear Connect II 15ft Straight to Right Angle Cables - 2 available...$35 shipped each.


          Dunlop Max Grip Picks Assortment - fourteen 1.0mm, twelve 1.14mm and twelve 1.5mm picks. Most have not been used...$9 paypal'd.


          Every Star Grip Picks 1.14 Package of 27 (only one used lightly to test)...$6 shipped.


          Dunlop Straps - 1) Black with Metal Rivets 2) Grey with metal rivets
          Both in great shape (hardly used) minus indents from Dunlop straplocks...$7.25 each shipped.



          Sovtek 12AX7WA Preamp Tubes (tested in my old amp which I don't have anymore)...$10 shipped.


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            Orange Amplifiers AD Series AD5 5W 1x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp


            Vox AC4TV 4W 1x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp



            Roland Micro Cube Combo Amp Red


            BEHRINGER ULTRACOUSTIC AT108 UltraCompact 15-Watt Acoustic Instrument Amplifier




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            Up for sale is my Avid Eleven Rack. I bought this new in January from Alto Music via Amazon. It includes the Expansion Pack (pre-installed) and the full version of Pro Tools 10. It is in mint condition and still has the protective plastic slip over the display. It will ship with the original box, paperwork, and software.

            I will include my iLok and account information (which you can change after you receive it) for Pro Tools 10. As a bonus, I will also include my licenses for the Avid Reverb One plugin ($299 value) and Avid Tel-Ray Variable Delay plugin ($99 value), both of which can be downloaded from the Avid website but require iLok licenses for use.

            Eleven Rack

            Asking $570 shipped.



            I'm selling my Xotic EP Booster pedal, Dunlop ECB-003 adapter, and Mogami Gold Patch 1/4" cable with right angle connectors (10 inch). They are all in mint condition. This is a great boost!

            Xotic EP Booster

            Asking $95 shipped.

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              Hey all, This is the Forumite formerly known as Slunderfungus so I have been here for a while. I've been trolling the Amps forum since 2007 and even here and Open Jam for a while. I just can't get into my old account anymore.

              After 31 years of playing I have no choice but to give it up. As a result of the three bulged discs in my neck my final insult to injury is I am having neuropathy in my left arm and hand. Playing guitar is now causing me pain. I have also lost strenght in my left hand so I am selling my gear and getting back into photography.

              I have my 1991 MIJ HM Strat in Bluestone finish with maple neck/fretboard. It is in beautiful condition with no dings and only the lightest of surface scrathces that you have to really look for in the light at the right angles. It has the Keahler Steeler bridge, Dimarzio X2N pickup in the bridge, Chopper in the middle and Prtrack in the neck. 24 frets and nice low action. It has been suggested that this guitar was a special order and actually came with the Steeler, and chrome hardware. This guitar was never releife routed for a spring panel on the back over the  bridge springs and holes never drilled becausethe sustain block is so long that it would have been obstructed by that panel. The pickup ring for the bridge appears to be the very one that has been on it since it was made, and it is made from chromed steel. The tuning keys are the  German made Shaellers just in chrome. It had the Lace Sensor single coils with chrome covers and the Bridge pickup although was a Dimarzio was not the Super3. It was a medium output with a solid chrome cover and no poles but with Dimarzios Sun logo engraved on it. When I first got it I asked around thethen still active HM Strat forum and several  PMs from a few different forumites all had suggested the same thing. Will sell in the case for $550 shipped.

              Next I have my Late model Gibson GA20RVT amplifier. Hand wired on a turret board in the Gibson custom shop, this amp is in perfect condition as it has practically lived in its original box. I retubed it with JJ 6V6s and 5 Mullard RI 12ax7sI replaced the optoisolator and the upgradded the bridge rectifier so its known issues have been fixed...common problems on theseamps. It even has the original foot switch for the reverb and  tremolo. Will sell for $500 shipped

              Will take PayPal in a gift or Postal Money Orders and will consider all reasonable offeres.

              On a side note for this gear. I have been retraining into a new line of work and out of work for several years while dealing with pretty gnarly back injuries. If I can get this gear sold and get the Nikon D300 and a good 28-70 zoom and a 50mm lens I will be in a position to be able to work. I started into photography the same year I started playing guitar (12 years old) and have put as much pride into it. This camera will enable me to start making money again. Its Seniour Portrait season, people are getting married and so on. So I will even consider trades for a Nikon D300 or similar Semi Pro camera and glass. I know theres a few of the guys here can remenber me (Slundefungus) and some of the trials I have been dealing with. For one, this gear can go to someone who can still play it, and I can get back into a position to be able to supplement my income considerably. Especially since right now I am having to deal with $9 an hour 20 hours a week doing data entry and filing. Hell, I even have a couple people right now waiting for me to shoot the products they make so they can put them up on their websites for arts and crafts.

              HMStrat3-1.jpgHMstrat 1.jpgHMstrat2.jpgHMstrat4.jpghmstrat6.jpg

              2012-08-10 23.18.29.jpg

              Sorry for the crappy phone camera pics. My wife took my Fuji S9000 digi cam when we split up.

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                FS: Salvage Custom Bourbon Burst Flatboard 32x16

                I purchased it to use as a case for my PT-Pro. Brand new, received on March 29th. only opened to test fit for my PT-Pro, unfortunately it does not fit. So you guys can have a deal!!

                Looking to get 285 shipped for the case. Or will trade for some nice pedals!!

                Skip the 6 month wait and get this immaculate item!!

                It is packed in the original box and ready to ship.

                [/URL]" rel="nofollow">casewcasecase

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                Crook Custom Telecaster - Blue Sparkle Paisley
                Fender American Telecaster - 3-Tone Burst
                Mesa/Boogie Stiletto Trident Stage I
                Mesa/Boogie 2-12 Recto Cab
                Peavey Bandit
                Peavey Special 112
                Xotic, Fulltone, Ibanez Effects
                TC Electronic iB Modified G-System

                Originally Posted by charveldan

                Drunk guy through a PV, that's Rock-n-Roll.

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                ā€ˇFounder of the HCAF SS


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                  Epiphone Les Paul Jr.  P90.  Has a few scratches and dings here and there.  Stock.  Comes with the gigbag.  $150 Shipped and PayPal'd.


                   photo 20130418_163339.jpg


                  SHO clone.  Battery power only.  $50 shipped and PP'd.


                   photo 20130418_163507.jpg



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                    Tech21 Power Engine 60 Like new.  $225 shipped. SOLD

                    Never left my smoke free home. 

                    For SaleBoss OBD-3 Bass Distortion Like New $45 shipped.MXR Boost/Line Driver great condition with velcro. $60 shipped.Tech 21 Power Engine 60 Like new. $225


                    • SoCalMX70
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                      Selling my barely used Baron Snott Watt. $450 local, $475 shipped.

                      My particular version has black "Mesa Boogie" style tolex, Aluminum black knurled knobs, and a blue LED backlight.



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                    1960s-1970s Fender Bassman VT 2 x 15" cabinet - ORIGINAL SPEAKERS!


                    ORANGE ROCKERVERB 50 with 2x12 OPEN BACK CABINET + flight case + pedal


                    both items are currently listed on craigslist nyc




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                      I'm selling a Jet City JCA100H head. These are essentially Soldano-designed Chinese clones of the Hot Rod 100+. Phenomenal amp but the 20W EL84 version is more than enough amp for me right now. Excellent condition, includes footswitch and power cable, original box. I am looking for $350 + actual shipping + fees, or best offer. PP Gift or not is buyer's discretion, fee value is $10. Shipping seems to vary between $2 and $50 depending on where you are. 45 lbs shipping from 21239 if you want to get a number. PM if interested.

                      Jet City heads

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                      • orangekick
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                        This is the original version of the Rockerverb 100. I have had it for a while now. I am the second owner. It currently has JJ E34L power tubes and a mix of preamp tubes. It comes with an Orange single function footswitch for channel switching. The amp had been used, but never abused. The original knobs were swapped prior to my ownership. I do not have the original knobs.

                        I might be interested in trades for other heads.

                        $1200 OBO, split shipping.

                         photo IMG_20130507_224755_zps70ced23e.jpg