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  1. G&L Legacy USA. My Guild S-100 RI is still at the repair shop waiting to be worked on.
  2. I've got a pile of PG Mags from 2010 - 2012 that I don't have the heart to simply throw away so I'm offering to let them go. All you pay is shipping. Parcel Post is the lowest method that I can think of. Here's a picture.
  3. Hey BP90, how does the Sideways Down sound like?
  4. This sounds pretty good for a non-boutique fuzz. [video=youtube;Sm8rB8KmmvU]
  5. Too much stuff already. D*A*M Grease Box D*A*M M-25 Skreddy Mayo Analogman High Gain NKT275 Sunface
  6. I wanted this 1964 Musicmaster so bad. A shame it shot up in price by over a thousand dollars overnight.
  7. Nice, Christian. Kinda reminds me of the early 90s heavy alternative/grunge, but much, much dirtier.
  8. Big box soul bender w/nkt-275 x3 transistors. In very good condition. Has two screws on the back plate. Velcro'd as well. Asking $175.00 OBO shipped anywhere in the States. As for trades, I'd really like a big muff of some sort. Pig Mine, SUF civil war, etc.
  9. Skreddy Mayo & CD MKII - Probably the best big muff-types I've had. The going prices for these have since gone through the roof. D*A*M/Sola Sound MKII Tone Bender - I had to sell it in order to buy a new amp. Malekko E600D - Sold it because I was just getting into pedals and wanted to try something else. Should've kept it. Jerms MKI Tone Bender - Flipped it for a quick profit. So many others that I can name, but the ones listed above immediately came to mind.
  10. Crap picture, but here's my MIM purple strat. I'll be upgrading the pickups, pick guard, and the tremolo soon.
  11. The Skreddy Echo I got for $260.00 shipped, and a D*A*M Sonic Titan I got in a trade. Both will be going nowhere.
  12. A looper, and a big muff that'll sound good with my DRRi.
  13. Big box soul bender w/nkt-275 x3 transistors. In very good condition. Has two screws on the back plate. Asking $175.00 OBO shipped anywhere in the States. I also have a brand new in box ehx small clone. In excellent condition. Comes with original box and papers. Asking $50.00 shipped. Will post pics later.
  14. I'd get the triple wreck if I were in your situation. [video=youtube;Dqwfls2358M]
  15. D*A*M Drag'n'Fly in very good condition. Comes with original box & swag. The label on the box is a bit torn and the rubber foot pads were attached by the previous owner. The back plate is a little scratched as well. Asking $290.00 OBO
  16. An early big box Soul Bender in very good condition. Has a couple of enclosure screws missing. Most of the label on the back was torn off as well, but in otherwise 100% working order. Loaded with nkt275 x3 Asking $220.00 (OBO) shipped
  17. In no particular order: Metallica - Ride the Lightning/Master of Puppets Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power Alice In Chains - Dirt Radiohead - Ok Computer/Amnesiac/In Rainbows/Kid A Guns N Roses - Appetite for Destruction Pearl Jam - Ten Nirvana - Nevermind Social Distortion - Live at the Roxy The Distillers - Coral Fang Adele - 21 PJ Harvey - To Bring You My Love/Is this Desire? Hank Williams - Low Down Blues Muse - Absolution Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream Tool - Aenima/Lateralus Soundgarden - Superunknown Mastodon - Crack the Skye Baroness - Blue Record Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf
  18. I owned a jagstang. I won't be fooled agian. I had one is sonic blue as well. The neck was too small and the pickups weren't really happening. It felt more like a toy than anything else. Sure was pretty to look at though.
  19. 5 or 6 D*A*M Meatheads, 2 D*A*M Sonic Titans, 2 Skreddy Zero & Lunar Modules. I'm starting to sell off nearly everything. All I really need is one each of the following: distortion, big muff, tone bender, delay, and a reverb.
  20. Skreddy Zero in very good condition. Has a few finish chips on the sides. Comes with original box, papers, foot pads, and guitar pick. I should also mention that there's velcro attached to the back. Asking $265.00 On hold
  21. My personal favorites. [video=youtube;B5HYIeGoZlI] [video=youtube;8Xn2By7csOM] [video=youtube;O0d5ZTmHDSk] [video=youtube;RlDore6XshU] [video=youtube;Cs0Z6YJqWDk]
  22. Skreddy Echo in excellent condition. Comes with box and instruction sheet. I have no idea what happened to the guitar pick. Asking $265.00 EHX Small Clone in like new condition. Asking $60.00
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