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What's the next "Blurred Lines?"


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  • What's the next "Blurred Lines?"

    "Blurred Lines" is the hottest song we play right now.  It works (for us) a lot better than "Treasure", or "Cruise", or "Get Lucky" and those all work pretty well, just not as well as "Blurred Lines."  But what's coming up the charts right now, in your opinion, that will be the next "Blurred LInes?"



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    I don't think there is one right now.  Blurred Lines is one of those once-a-year song-of-the-summer type hits.

    Last year it was Call Me Maybe.  The next song to be that sure-fire may not come around for awhile.

    Appears the singers biggest problem is pitch and to much lesser degree his tone or phrasing. --- chord123


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      I love this song...

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    Agreed. It was 'THE SONG' of Summer 2013. We'll have to wait till next summer for it's replacement. BTW we still have several songs in our set list from previous summers that were chart monsters.
    2004-'Its Getting Hott in Heree' Nelly
    2006 -'Sexy Back' JT
    2008-'Low' Flo'Rida
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      Wow... i've been playing dynamite almost every gig since 2010. It doesn't fail.

      we actually talked about adding Its getting hot in here to the middle of staying alive. 

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    I'm a weekend mainstream club DJ, and thought I'd share what's been going over lately. "Blurred Lines" is really something special because it works with a broad range of age groups - not just those under 25. I don't think there will be another hit like it soon, although "Thrift Shop" works kind of like that. "Roar" has been a dog - and reminds me of "Come And Get It" from earlier in the summer - both really popular but don't translate well as dance tracks. The best I can do with "Roar" is this remix, which at least doesn't kill the floor.

    I actually have better luck with "We Can't Stop" but I use this remix:



    "Bezerk" is for the Eminem guys - of which there are always a few in the room but they usually are just hanging out and not dancing. I throw this one at them when it's not busy because it kills the floor. If I had anything else to maybe recommend for band use out of the current Top 40 it would be "Safe And Sound" and "Royals" (which is huge currently).  But most of what I do as a DJ isn't really band type stuff.


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       That's good info, Mrcpro.  Thanks!

      Appears the singers biggest problem is pitch and to much lesser degree his tone or phrasing. --- chord123


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        I'm not so quick to discount Roar's usefulness. I would have guessed that Perfect (Pink) would have died long, long ago... but it is still in our setlist because it's a song that has the girls swaying back and forth and singing along. They don't rush the stage for it, but they definitely give us their attention. I'm thinking (hoping) Roar may be in the same boat and we could use it to swap out with Perfect.

        We have a month of downtime coming up, so it will bve a great chance to add a lot of "new" stuff and see what sticks.




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      I freakin dipise djs they steal muso gigs
      They ge t called out on CL MUsicians community


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        I really think things have gotten too cozy for Djs round this BWTBand forum.
        There pot stirred!