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Soundcraft Gigrac 1000 problem

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  • Soundcraft Gigrac 1000 problem

    I'm getting what sounds like an overdriven input type distortion on all the mic channels and even some on the line input channels of my Gigrac 1000. The output meters are hovering around mid point. I work at a music store that sells Soundcraft and has a service dept. The Gigrac looks good on a scope and appears to meet specs. But plug in a speaker and a mic, (condenser or dynamic) set everything flat, channel level to 10 o'clock and master level at 120 and give a fairly healthy "CHECK ONE" into the mic and I get this kind of soft fuzzy, well.....overdriven input sound. Certain patches from my keyboard can cause this as well and I have tried all of the line input channels. Of course I started suspecting my speakers (Bag End TA1200 C's) I swept them with a tone generator and pushed them pretty hard (15v) and around 40hz on down, I THOUGHT I might be hearing some light (pardon) farting anomolies. I sent my speakers back to Bag End for evaluation. They say the speakers are fine. I was hearing maybe some air flow. Now I'm scratching my head. I pulled out another Gigrac 1000 from our stock and checked it with a mic the same way and what happens? SAME FUZZY SOUND! I plugged a Peavey 80 watt powered mixer into the same speaker and using the same mic and same "CHECK" level and what happens? CLEAR AS A BELL! There is no way to trim the sensitivity of any channel except the -20 db pads on the mic channels which doesn't help me because the mic nearly disappears. And no LED on the channel to tell me if I AM overdriving the input. Has anyone ever experienced this with their Gigrac? I've always respected Soundcraft gear but now I'm befuddled. Am I missing something?

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    Now that is strange coming from a Soundcraft product have you tried their tech. support maybe they can help. BTW I own 2 of their mixers and I'm very happy with their mixers I own.


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      Are you sure none of the built-in effects are in the mix? That might explain those strange sounds you're hearing.... Al Poulin - Party-Time! DJ Services
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        Press the pad button below channels 1-4. The input from the mic is overdriven and the 20db pad will fix the distortion.


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          Press the pad button below channels 1-4. The input from the mic is overdriven and the 20db pad will fix the distortion.

          With a dynamic mic and a simple check vocal??? Naah, this doesn't sound reasonable IMO.
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