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New Live Mic for Vocals? Little Help


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    Audix OM7 is currently my favourite mic, along with the Audix OM6.

    OM7 doesn't have a lot of output (the PG58 is hotter) so you need to bump the mic gain. What you get out of this mic is incredible gain before feedback and very crisp, clear vocals.

    BUT, where this mic doesn't fair too well is when it's on a stand. The issue is it's incredibly tight hypercardioid pattern... you need to stay right on top of the mic, if you fall out of the pickup zone you'll drop out of the mix completely. This is a problem for a lot of singing guitarists in my experience. I would use a mic with a wider cardioid pattern (like the Sennheiser E835). If you can stay in within the polar pattern though you're golden. It's a great mic.


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      Beta-58. Fo shizzle.


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        OM-7 is a good mic. May fav's are the EV ND 767a, the Shure Beta57, and the Senn e835.


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          If you are on the same monitor mix as the singer with the wireless, get a mic that has the same capsule, so that the two mics have the same feedback frequencies.

          If you are on your own mix: OM7, OM6, 767a, OM3, OM2, any Sennheiser e series dynamic.


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            Ahhh Good **************** Mogwix! I have found that out. I actually am starting to like my OM5 more than my 7...why dont know. I seem to sound better in smaller clubs with it.
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              I hear alot of good about the AKG D5, never heard it though.
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                Have always run with SM58's (lets face it who hasn't), but our bass player / backup vocalist just got and Audix OM3 (fairly basic model) and it sounds great... Am seriously thinking of getting either an OM5 or SM58 Beta, so the dilemma begins for me now