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  • eqing the room

    at a show tonight I tried using the driveracks pink noise to eq the room with a rta and it almost finished but it ended up saying not complete? Why did it say that? also how would i fix it?

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      I've had that happen to me as well.

      I believe it means that the processing logic couldn't resolve itself completely - given what it could "hear". I suspect that if you were to move the RTA mic to a different location and rerun the EQ Wizard - you would have changed the input parameters just enough to allow the processing logic finish.

      Personally, when that happens to me - I simply kill the Wizard and give the incompleted results a listen. If it sounds good - I save the results and simply go with it. I suspect that there's very little difference between a 99% completed EQ setting and a 100% completed EQ settings.

      That's just me. I could be way wrong.
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        Could be a big difference if the analysis returned inaccurate results as it was trying to resolve.
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          It's a combination of things. Try measuring from 1 distance that is about 3x the height of your top box (so a 3' tall box measure at 9')
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            Listen to the result...
            Everything will change when people come in, anyway...

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              IIRC it can sometimes be that your volume was too low. Been a long time since I've used that feature though.


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                That has been my issue with the rta.. Cant get the volume up enought without people wanting to kill me. The bar is never empty.. gave up on that for now. and use my ears


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                  When the auto-rta does not complete, it is because it cannot solve the problems it thinks it sees even with full cut or boost of a given band. (IMHO there should be a setting that disallows any boosts.)

                  Many feel that if auto RTA has any use, it is outdoors in a reflection-free area. Let it do its thing and save the result. I tend to agree.

                  When you are inside, recall the saved result and tweak by ear to reduce room problems.

                  With most rigs, the first two problems I encounter are usually 80Hz and somewhere between 4K and 8K. (I often find these to be a problem outdoors as well.)