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    Hey, guys!

    I've been working with a big band that is trying to get into more regular work than self-produced concerts, MPTF stuff, and so on. For whatever reason, I've been asked to come up with a job title for myself, and I haven't a clue what to suggest. Do you any you guys have any good ideas? Responsibilities include
    - Coordinating technical requirements with clients and venues
    - Communicating with prospective clients to share audio and video recordings of the band and press-quality images
    - Preparing said audio, video, photos from raw materials provided to me
    - Social media promotion
    - Live sound reinforcement (provide equipment, setup, tear down, mix)
    - Wash lighting

    I suggested "pianist" but they want something better. I guess so they can tell prospective clients, "Talk to this guy, he is our XXX".

    Thanks for any ideas,
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    Show coordinator


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      How about "Overworked and underpaid guy?" Sounds like you get most of the duties other than producing music....


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        I used to do a ton of MPTF gigs in the 70's&80's. We used to call them "green sheet" gigs as we had to sign "the" green sheet (MPTF form).
        Back to your question:

        Production Manager Plain and simple.

        The person who books your group (the Contractor) gets a call back from someone that is inquiring about booking your group; the potential client asks "what will you need as far as space, etc. is concerned"...

        The contractor's answer should be: "contact our Production Manager at ......."

        Totally pro.

        BTW: Does your group have a rider???