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  • Guitar amp microphone

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a microphone that could be hung in front of a guitar amp in an emergency. So it would be side facing and a flat shape. So far I've only found the sennheiser E606/906.
    I'd be interested in what you guys use live. I'd like to avoid using a mic stand as there isn't always a lot of space in UK venues.

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    For something flat I use the e906. I have always found that it sounded much more full than the e609 (silver).


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      The e906/609 are the only game in town AFAIK. In the bad old days we'd hang an SM57 pointing down and it worked OK. There's also the option of using something like an Audix cab grabber with a conventional mic. If the amp is on the floor I'll use a little desktop type stand - I still have a couple that are about 35 years old.

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        I use the e609 and have had great results. To my ears it sounds very "natural".
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          Originally posted by Old Fart Rocker View Post
          I use the e609 and have had great results. To my ears it sounds very "natural".
          Same here. Of course I've not run any 906 as a comparison but way better than a 57 IMHO.


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            What does "an emergency" actually mean? You mean an unexpected player shows up/sits in and you need to mic it?

            I like that you can skip a mic stand with the Sennheisers. They sound good enough.


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              I have 4 e609's and one e906. The 906 is better sounding, but not by a whole lot, in my opinion. I'd like to have a few more 906's though.

              Personally, the only time I hang a mic on a guitar amp is an emergency, which doesn't really happen. It works so much better to put it on a stand.

              The only time it works very well for me to hang a mic is when the amp is tilted back. And when I say tilted, I don't mean an angled 4x12 cab, I mean a twin on the tilt legs or something similar. I find that the natural twist of the cable always wants to rotate the mic in a direction I don't like, and sometimes it's hard to find something to hang it from (amp handle, etc) that's in the right location.


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                There are a few side address mics around (I think AT makes some SDC condensers that might work - but not very well as they don't sound right and would twist off axis too easily) but I'm in agreement here. The 609 is great for guitar (works OK on horns too :-). The 906, I also agree, is slightly better but just barely, and hard to justify the cost difference. Reasonably priced and sound great just draped over the top (knot the cable through the handle (or gaff tape on top if off center) to keep it in position). What more could you ask for?

                my added .02
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                  Originally posted by witesol View Post
                  What does "an emergency" actually mean? You mean an unexpected player shows up/sits in and you need to mic it?
                  Normally I play in and do the sound for my own wedding band. At short notice I was asked to provide a PA for another wedding band. I was told I'd need two vocal mics and they would use their own backline. When I arrived at the gig the guitarist had a 5 watt amp and the bass player didn't have anything!
                  Luckily I'd borrowed a box of mics from a friend and the senn was in there. Bass was DI'd.
                  As I might be asked to do more of these events I thought I should add some general purpose gear to my collection. Looks like a sennheiser will be on order.
                  Thanks for all your replies. I'd have thought other manufacturers would have a similar model but it seems not.



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                    Geez, I'd like to be able to show up at a paying gig (of any kind) with nothing, and have someone else run around to accommodate me.


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                      I have 3 57's and 2 609's for my instrument misc mics. Handy as hell to drape a 609 on an amp that's tilted back. Did it this weekend in fact.
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                        btw, the 609 is an interesting mic on lots of things. I find it nice on toms, interesting on studio vocals, great bottom snare mic. I have thrown one into the open back of a guitar amp a few times.


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                          I have the 609. I like draping it, rather than having to carry a mic stand (even a small one) and it sounds great to me.


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                            I think EV makes one, too.N/D 468. But the Senny is pretty much the only game in town. I've had sound guys warn me against the 906 - for the extra $$ you don't get an extra good sound in their opinion.

                            But yeah, hanging an SM57 has always worked well too.We used to record every gig and the sideways 57's sounded great...


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                              I use a 609 but, since my main amp has motorized knobs, I started using it with a small boom stand, which is much better for placement, rather than hanging it.
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