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  1. Hey guys... Yeah, I did kinda just wander off. Traffic was down so much that the Poli forum had more posts than Guitars. I was seeing a full week of threads on page one here. So one day I just stopped. Nobody seemed to notice, as this was over three years ago. I poked my head in now and then, as some of you mentioned above, to see if the place was still around. I appreciate all your kind words. This forum was a part of my life for a number of years, and you guys made it enjoyable. I hope you're all doing well. Dinner's on...I'll check back. Craig
  2. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=%2ball+your+bass+are+belong+to+us&&view=detail&mid=EEA2B541C3E1273E67D6EEA2B541C3E1273E67D6&&FORM=VRDGAR
  3. I just wanted say good luck, we're all counting on you. BOALG
  4. I figured maybe you let someone else play it.......
  5. If you leave them in your car with the windows open, in a bad neighborhood, someone might leave you another pair. You found 'em where they belong. You don't want this free puppy.
  6. The math works but Andy is saying that additional factors need to be in that math, and that the reality at our ears is usually not what the math implied. I do agree that the site ain't what is was....
  7. Flag is displayed wrong...stars should be on the left when hanging. I know....that looks wrong to me as well...
  8. Oops, mine was actually an '82, bought in '84 new (leftover), for $2,600.
  9. Oh I believe it completely. I'm sure you've heard the old saw, "Lucas: why the British drink warm beer". When I was in college for automotive technology, my professor told us about how Jag's used to have two fuel tanks. There was a fill for each, located on the top of each rear fender. A transfer pump was supposed to, by utilizing the fuel gauge senders, keep each tank roughly equal in level, so one could fill the tanks from either fill. Of course, since the system was designed and built by Lucas, hilarity was bound to ensue. He told us of one particular instance where he filled one tank, and heard the transfer pump humming along as usual to move fuel to the other tank. What he didn't noticed until it was pointed out by an alarmed customer at another pump, was that the pump had filled the second tank completely and never shut off....gas was running out of the vent and from under the cap, pouring onto the pavement and forming a river down to the street....
  10. What're you doing in a GS forum? Past or present owner? My first scoot was an '84 GS850G. Great bike, took a lot of new rider abuse from me and kept going. Mine suffered from excessive rusting of the chrome bits, but otherwise had no issues. I saw a GS650 this past Sunday parked in Philly. It was in very good condition. Seems they just keep going.
  11. Ahh, Lucas Electrics......"The Father of Darkness".......
  12. Not a huge fan of buying used subs, as nchangin states, you really don't know their past. Pay an amount that leaves you enough to recone every driver. Yep....that probably means you can't reach a deal with the seller. But that's fine, because until money changes hands, the problems are his, not yours....
  13. Indeed, the larger the generator package, the more forgiving the weight requirements can be, so it's possible to have an engine with sufficient rotating mass to sustain RPM's through minor running problems...which are far less frequent with a larger and higher quality engine. Adding the mass of a flywheel is a big weight penalty, but goes a long way to maintaining consistent speed easily.
  14. As we see by examples, there are many potential causes for this type of problem, pretty much all are due to a failure or a miswire. Ironic how many musicians....who we'd assume care about sound, aren't the least bit phased by such annoyances....
  15. Are you sure it was that high? (18kHz) That's at the upper limit of most SR gear, and I'm fairly certain nothing Bose sells would reproduce it....the Panaray 802 series III is 10dB down at 15kHz. You didn't state you age or that of the band or majority of the audience...Ironically, if you're younger, and they're older, it's entirely possible they didn't hear it at all...I know at 54 my upper limit is about 12kHz. Regarding the "what" part of this, my first guess would be a component failure somewhere in someone's gear was sending that signal...or not filtering it.
  16. You could also change that so the top is, "the load in and the show" with the bottom being, "the load out". But then, who doesn't love hard physical labor at 2AM?
  17. The unit you linked is a line-interactive unit. While it should be okay handling over and under voltage conditions, I'm not certain it will do much with frequency instability. You should contact the manufacturer and ask (or maybe there's a useful spec available).
  18. Not only will the policy renew automatically, if you cancel it, they can backdate the cancellation to June 1 as long as you haven't submitted any claims against it. I just had that happen when I added my work van to my commercial policy.
  19. Woah....there's a name from out of the glorious past that was HCBF!!!! Oh......post.
  20. It only functions in that regard if all of the content landed there in a legal manner. Otherwise it's little more than a shady pawn shop that accepts stolen goods along with legit stuff. How to make a living as a musician is indeed the question. It feels as if the ready availability of both "exposure" (through online media), and cheap production (via computer based recording tools) have given some would-be artists the impression that it's "easy" to become a star. The reality, of course, which most of us know all too well, is the only thing that's happened is we have increased the number of participants fighting to come out on top. It may have made things much more difficult, in my opinion, because there's probably a far smaller chance of being discovered by a record company and getting any real support from them. The forest is immeasurably larger, and you're but one tree....
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