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  1. Four 1,250-Watt Channels with DSP Processing, but only 22 Pounds? Many of us use powered speakers, but there are a huge number of passive boxes in use, and we need to power them with something. We all like to get more from less, right? Why not have four channels of amplification in a 2RU space? While we’re at it, let’s throw in all the speaker processing needed to drive those amps correctly and safely. And let’s keep it light and small…our backs aren’t getting any younger. QSC has answered this call in a big way with the PLD Series power amplifiers. With maximum 4-channel power ratings rang
  2. When Mackie released the SRM450 15 years ago, it introduced powered speakers to the masses and quickly became a staple for bands everywhere. The legacy continues with the SRM550 and 650 full-range speakers, and SRM1850 subwoofer. Each model boasts internally braced poplar cabinets with a tough finish, well-placed flush handles, and a steel wrap-around grille. 1600 peak watts of Class D power lets you drive them hard, and Smart Protect™ DSP keeps it protected if you go a little too far. Fit and finish are, in a word, professional. SRM550 - What You Need To Know Equipped with a 12” woofer, th
  3. Can a digital console offer one-control / one-function mixing? By Craig Vecchione Soundcraft’s Expression Si digital console supersedes the Si Compact line. It’s available in 16, 24, and 32-channel input sizes. With appropriate optional I/O devices, up to 66 input channels can be handled on all three models. All three models share identical feature sets; only the number of channel fader sets and input jacks varies. What You Need To Know 16 XLR mono mic inputs4 TRS 1/4" line inputsColor touch screen interface66 channels to mix possiblePre/Post selection per input per busAES in and out
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