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  1. Sorry for the late reply! I assume you've figured this out by now, but if not (or for anyone else struggling with this) here's my best answer: Recently (and quietly) Behringer merged functionality of the apps for the X32/M32 and X-Air series mixers into a single app, MXQ. It looks very different but runs a lot like X32-Q did, with the main difference being that the 4 DCA (MCA?) groups now have hotkeys to quickly access the channels in a group from the main screen, which makes them much more usable than before (IMO). It also has tabs for the DCA's vs channels, so screen orientation doesn't matter anymore. X32-Q still works correctly on some devices, but not those with recent OS updates. Sometimes it will work but the channel names won't be there, just the symbols (if any). The best solution in any case is to change to MXQ. I think it's an improvement, once you get past the new look.
  2. Looks like ProX. Fairly new to the market (a couple years, maybe). Cheap but decent Asian-made gear.
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