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  • Sub question for the engineer types

    I have one ZXA1 Sub with a 126 db rating  If add another run them in the center coupled what would be my expected output?  If I ran them apart with sticks what would be my output.  Thirdly if I ran 3 center coupled?

    Thanks in advance.



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    Theoretically 132db for a pair coupled in the center.  In the real world however....

    Adding subs almost never gets you what theory predicts so there is no science to this, just speculation. This sort of thing is a meaningless exercise. The more subs you have, the louder it should get. Beyond that, it all goes fuzzy except on paper, in books on theory, and in the marketing department. You will generally get the most bang out of any number of subs by placing whatever you got together. That "best" placement might be centered, might be on one side, might be in a corner, but sometimes might be split under stacks....

    The only way to get these answers (for certain) is to buy them, set them up, and take a measurement. Sorry it doesn't get more concrete than this...


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        That sub's frequency response is listed by EV in half space at -3dB at 53hz (approximately the fundamental of a low A on a bass guitar). Placement won't matter as much as with a more typical sub.


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          Using boundaries can be helpful with smaller subs that are almost enough for the task but not quite enough.
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