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  1. I did a review but hadn't had the mixer too long. I've now used it for my band, a weekly lecture series, the MLK Jr speeches. I'm very comfortable with the Master Fader App on an iPad. Been using it since 2013 and it has grown up to be a fairly sophisticated piece of software. MF 5.0 is the latest version and the new mixer requires it. I'm really enjoying this mixer. I usually set up a show while eating breakfast because I can do that with only the app on an iPad. Don't need the mixer for set up. My next show will be a venue where I can test recording with it. (got a good place to put my MacBook and the mixer.) You can download the Master Fader App and see how everything connects. it's thin client so all the actual heavy lifting is done by the mixer and not the iPad. It's got an oscillator with pink and white noise for setup. There are patch panels on the software that allow any input to be assigned to any channel or any USB output for recording. Way too much to describe in fewer than 100 pages. the Software manual is over 300 pages long.
  2. I've been using Mackie's DL1608 for five years. Just bought a DL16S mixer. Built like a stage box with only tablet controls. New version of Master Fader 5.x that will finally also run on an android tablet in addition to the iOS tablets that used to be the only control surface. I'm finding my mixer's version of WiFi to be wanting in a club setting so I using a cat 5 connection to the dual band Airport Express that I've been using for 5 years. The new mixer has 6 Groups, 6 VCAs, 6 mute groups, 6 view groups, 4 effect channels, 25 different effect choices..... It's a nice upgrade software wise. When Master Fader 5.1 is released, it will control all the Mackie DL mixers including the DL1608. Also, you will be able to use your Mac or Windows computer to control the mixer too. They're saying sometime early this year. We shall see. Mackie made a lot of nice changes to the software. I'm impressed and happy. There's a 32 channel version of this mixer too.
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