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  1. I did a review but hadn't had the mixer too long. I've now used it for my band, a weekly lecture series, the MLK Jr speeches. I'm very comfortable with the Master Fader App on an iPad. Been using it since 2013 and it has grown up to be a fairly sophisticated piece of software. MF 5.0 is the latest version and the new mixer requires it. I'm really enjoying this mixer. I usually set up a show while eating breakfast because I can do that with only the app on an iPad. Don't need the mixer for set up. My next show will be a venue where I can test recording with it. (got a good place to put
  2. I've been using Mackie's DL1608 for five years. Just bought a DL16S mixer. Built like a stage box with only tablet controls. New version of Master Fader 5.x that will finally also run on an android tablet in addition to the iOS tablets that used to be the only control surface. I'm finding my mixer's version of WiFi to be wanting in a club setting so I using a cat 5 connection to the dual band Airport Express that I've been using for 5 years. The new mixer has 6 Groups, 6 VCAs, 6 mute groups, 6 view groups, 4 effect channels, 25 different effect choices..... It's a nice upgrade software w
  3. WynnD

    Mackie DL16S mixer

    I really like the new software, the format of the mixer works well for my needs. It also replaces my recording mixer that is no longer supported for my version of OS-X.
  4. If you're looking for political rally gigs, make sure you're a member of groups that have those rallies. My household is very liberal and I do a number of sound jobs for them at the West Steps of the Colorado Capital building. (the public place to make political statements.) Had some interesting results. Carole King has been on my sound system. (Was running my 1965 Kustom Pa speakers. Kind of funny.) Had the last three Governors, many of the State political leaders. (Least the liberal ones.) Had Johny 5 of the Flo-bots on the system twice. (His real name is Jamie and the FLO-BOTS ha
  5. OK, they're calling it the B3 Portable or B3P. I've got a link to a keyboard magazine article of it that includes a picture. And they were $15,000 when they built them. I'm told that if you're a B3 player and was seated blindfolded, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference by touch because everything is in exactly the same location as the original one. http://www.hammond-organ.com/products/B3-portable-report.htm
  6. I was actually talking about the Portable B-3, think they're $25K without anything to play them through. Nice instrument, way out of my price range. I did have a friend who had an early Porta-B and a 145 Leslie. Great at the time, but I still have an X5 that I gigged for 20 years. The divider chips add white noise when hot. (And they run hot.) So it's been regulated to rehearsal duties. I got the 760 leslie when I bought it back in 1980. (Used but showroom condition. It's a bit worse for wear now.)
  7. Someone for you to look up. Joe Negri Jazz and classical guitarist in Pittsburgh. (Doesn't tour, but there should be some recordings.) And just an interesting fact. My Mother went to school with Segovia's Step-daughters. (And no, that wasn't in the USA.)
  8. Been there and done that. My very first organ was an AceTone. After selling it to a friend for $50 I moved to California. Then after getting back, I saw a Reggae band and there onstage was an AceTone. When I looked closer, there was the flexible gooseneck mount that I had put on when I couldn't afford a mic stand. One of the better things about this point of my life is that the house is paid off so maintenance, insurance and taxes are my only home expenses. It's taken a very long time to get to the point where what I need is always affordable. What I want is usually a bit out of reach.
  9. I thought the Mojo was priced particularly well. (At least in the USA.) While my VK-77 was being repaired and I found out that Roland is no longer supporting that organ with new parts. (I got the last main board they had.) So in the future, when the Roland dies, it will probably be gone for good. It was my Wife that suggested getting a new organ. I'd never had a brand new organ in my life and we could afford it. So I ordered one from Crumar directly. Don't get me wrong, I'm still using the VK-77 with my Beatles band. There I need the bass pedals (PK-7) and there are a lot of alternativ
  10. Trumpet was my first instrument and Flugelhorn is played just about exactly the same. (Different character to the tone. I really like it.) I've always gotten a very good tone.
  11. I have since purchased a Mojo organ. Using Frankie with a Combo Pre-amp IV. Nice club match for the Mojo.
  12. My dance band is expecting me to do a trumpet solo on Dancing In The Streets. Never soloed without having a solo to copy. Having to write this one myself. Any suggestions on where to start? Was thinking of improvising off the melody line, but this is a first for me. (Normally the organist. Might just use my flugelhorn, but need to create the part first.)
  13. I taught myself to play bass and have always played positions. Key changes just involve moving my left hand. Do people capo bass guitars? (Most of mine are fretless.)
  14. I play keys trumpet and bass. Changing keys on a bass seems the easiest thing to do. Keyboard not so much. Trumpet would probably be more like keys than like bass. My take.
  15. In a previous band I started adding my horn to the other horn that was there. We kept adding more songs where I played trumpet or flugelhorn. In the end, I was playing horn on about 20 songs and keys on everything else. I'm back to starting over on adding horn. I'd do Vehicle, but it looks like I'm the only one who has a chance to actually sing the song in the original key. Changing keys with a horn is a possible disaster. This band does have two keyboard players, so moving some over to horn is a step in the right place.
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