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For synth: fuzz or drive?


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  • For synth: fuzz or drive?

    Hey, everybody.

    I need a new way to trash my synth up, and my search has narrowed it down to three different units, two drives with 3-band EQ and one fuzz. The two drives are kinda similar in sound, and it also comes down to form factor and the liken. The fuzz, however, is an entirely different bag, and I imagine that it could sound absolutely amazing for synth. I don't have a clue, though - I can't try before buying, and returning will cost me a fair bit in shipping expenses.

    The things I've looked at are:
    - Subdecay Super Nova Drive
    - Pigtronix Polysaturator
    - ZVex Mastotron

    I found videos of a dude running a Mopho sequence through the Pigtronix - it sounds cool, and I imagine the Subdecay would be equally successful. I am, however, intruiged by the possibilities of the Mastotron. So - are any of you using fuzz for synthesizers?


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    Not hardware, no. I use a free fuzz plugin. I've tried my old Ibanez Tube King pedal before, but didn't find it that great on synths.


    Also tried a few different circuits I found online in my quest for a good hardware distortion for 303 sounds. One of them had a pretty interesting and unique character. That project is on hold, though.

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    • donaldcrunk
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      fuzz is one of those effects that works well on some sounds and is just awful on most. a fuzz is one of the crudest circuits, and earliest distortion devices. turns everything into a glorious square wave, but it likes harmonics and transients. synths often don't provide those, so sometimes all you'll get are some square wave overtones and removal of bass. might work for some things.


      OD is a very large genre of effects, but i think you'll at least enjoy the flexibility of the onboard EQ with a synth. 

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    I've used a Z.Vex Fuzz Factory on synth before and it sounds super grimy. Love it.

    Then I got Izotope's Trash 2. If that can't get you the distortion you're looking for, nothing will.


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      Big Muff on synth is nice



      • Purity_Control
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        A nice bit of tube overdrive usually goes down a charm too.

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      if you want live,  there's a Korg KP3... it offers many effects that you control/automate on a fingerpad.  Used on eBay is reasonable.  I love mine.  I have enough pedals to mess with.



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