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"James Bond on Electric Guitar" CD review

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  • "James Bond on Electric Guitar" CD review

    FYI in case anyone's interested:

    Review from Vintage Guitar Magazine out in May:
    “Following two excellent volumes of spaghetti western themes, Lou Pecci shows he’s as comfortable with John Barry compositions as with Ennio Morricone’s, and as deft on overdubbed electrics as previously on gut-strings. His own “Black Path” would make Vic Flick, the late Bond guitarist, smile. No doubt, whatever genre he tackles next will be equally fun and creative.” – Dan Forte - "(c) Dan Forte; all rights reserved. From Vintage Guitar, July 2014."

    Available at www.cdbaby.com, www.screenarchives.com, www.amazon.com

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    And you're Lou? Very, very groovy accolades indeed. Bravo!
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      Thanks, rasputin1963

      Also a recent mention on "From Sweden With Love" website...


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        Vic Flick is gone??? I just saw him selling his Strat on "Pawn Stars" last season!!


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          This is where Rock and Roll came from


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            Originally posted by spectral figment View Post
            This is where Rock and Roll came from
            Hmmm... I dunno... maybe co-influence.

            Rock and roll predates the James Bond movies, bubbling up through the 50's and coming to a head in '56/'57. Distorted single and double stop lead guitar was well-established in the blues and the burgeoning surf rock scene was coming on strong by 1961, a full year before the first James Bond flick, Dr. No, came out in the UK and two years before it was released in the US (May '63).

            If anything, the familiar James Bond guitar signature is more a response to the then-hot surf rock sound.

            Of course, the sub-genre of biker movie themes basically fits under the surf-rock instrumental umbrella -- and all of it, of course, was a big influence on the sound of 'psychedelic' and acid rock lead guitar sounds and riffing.
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