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Can a Hard Drive Be Fixed?


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  • Can a Hard Drive Be Fixed?

    I have a portable USB/Firewire hard drive that I dropped. It does not work now. All I hear is beeping sound, it sounds like it is trying to seek but can't.

    Anybody know of a place reasonable than can recover the data?

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    Data recovery is not cheap. Ontrack averages about $2000 per recovery (that's with a discount) and they've always been able to recover everything. Otherwise, you could put your drive in a ziplock bag and freeze it overnight. I've had good luck recovering desktop drives this way. Good luck.


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      Freezing? What does that do?


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        I honestly don't know, but it works about 50% of the time for me.


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          It may be the controller card -- you can swap out controller cards with a functional drive of the same model
          (One of the first teps ontrack takes if there appears to be HW probems)


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            Originally posted by Dylan Walters
            I honestly don't know, but it works about 50% of the time for me.

            I allways wonder how dudes come up with solutions like that.....

            Damn I have a dead harddrive,....Hmmm,...how can I fix that? well,..maybe I can put it in the freezer for a while,....

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              It's a bit late for this now, but ever since I started working with audio on hard drives (about 15 years ago) I made a three-part rule for myself:

              1. If there is only one copy of my files they practically speaking don't exist.

              2. If there are two copies (on different drives) they do exist, but I still don't have any reliable backup.

              3. With three copies I can finally relax (a bit).


              PS. Since you're drive was dropped, I'm afraid the problem might be mechanical (damaged heads).


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                If the drive spins, cannabilize another PCB card...it's likely NOT the actual drive, way chaper to buy an identical assembly then data recovery by the hour...


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                  Definitely backup

                  backup backup backup

                  and at least one backup really needs to be offsite

                  sadly -- it barn door and the cow

                  And hell, I think we've all played it fast and loose at times...and regretted it
                  So I mean "I feel your pain brother"


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                    If it still spins, Don't let it run for a prolonged time as it might have bent needles and could damage the discs inside negating any chances of data recovery. Had a seagate disc once that made a nasty scratch on the discs which made for only partial recovery of data. Here in cebu data recovery services cost about 500 Phil. pesos per DVD of data recovered, 2,5T pesos for Mac drives. Its actually very cheap but you cant be sure your data is recoverable so its a risk to ship it here. I recovered 2 complete album files from that 80gb harddrive but not my installers because of the scratch. Usually PCB card failure is due to voltage spikes causing shortage and the drive doesn't spin up at all. But in your case, I think it could be mechanical.
                    I know a really good hard drive specialist here if you want to email him and ask for his help in diagnosing the problem. but otherwise, you have to do it there in your place.


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                      Also, try removing the drive and putting it in a different USB enclosure. I didn't drop my drive but one time it just started beeping and not being recognized anymore. I had a spare case and switched it out. It booted up and worked fine. It could just be the enclosure got damaged.
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                        Very likely too cuz hard drives are rated to withstand a couple of impact g forces something like 10g I think


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                          The freezing thing HAS worked for me. I thought it was urban legend (which it may still be partly) but if you have exhausted other options and are not willing to send it to drivesavers, it is wirth a shot. The reason it may work is that the cold contracts the metal within the hard drive, sometimes allowing it to spin up long enough to recover from say a physical defect in the drive that causes it to spin off kilter or bind up.
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                            I second trying a new USB case - I had one fail on me recently.

                            Have you checked "ControlPanel"/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Disk Management.

                            Check your puter is seeing the drive correctly - Mine had a glitch reading the disc size. I took it down to the local Puter shop and it worked fine in their machine.

                            BTW - it also made beeping sounds when trying to access it.

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                              BTW, if it's a normal drive & you have a tower case, you dont' need to buy a new enclosure - just install it in the tower. If the drive works, then spring for a new enclosure.