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  • The Mecam video camera

    www.mecam.me -- this is 5 megapixels. Does that do decent video? Decent audio? I love the idea of this product. I've thought it would be cool to wear a video camera on your ballcap and record whatever it is you are looking at. If this device makes crappy video/audio, do you know of something similar that has higher quality? Wow, cheap video cameras are going to change the world!



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    I don't know about that one but a couple of my surfer pals have those cheap little underwater vid cams (I think they're under a $100!) and they seem to do a pretty dang good job. There are a bunch of sports and helmet attachment cams in the B&H catalog. (But you might find cheaper stuff elsewhere.)

    Cheap video technology has made amaing advances. 

    Of course, as you perfectly understand (given your use scenario) there going to be some interesting privacy issues. Of both social and personal natures.

    You gonna leave the thing on when you use the restroom? In for a penny... grin 


    UPDATE: Just got back from watching the vid on their site. (Sounds like the entrepeneur behind importing these is about 20 and needs some lessons in sound capture/mic placement. Also, I swear he says 'puter. I will not have anything to do with anyone who uses that insipid bit of slang. I don't draw many hard, fast lines, but that's one I won't cross. 'Puter.  facepalm.gif&nbsp

    Anyhow, it looks like they included a few honest takes from the cam -- and the frame rate (watch as the 'wearer' pans around some rave/club/loserfest) looks potentially problematic.

    The concept is interesting, and the price is pretty low -- and unlike my Google Nexus 7 or a bunch of other mainstream products, these guys don't gouge you on the storage memory -- but I'm thinking you may find a better alternative, depending on what you want to spend, etc.

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      I don't see any mention of zoom or focus, for less money, you can have devices from polaroid, Vivitar, ect.

      That include focus zoom and LCD.

      Best Buy list 28 camcorders under $50


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    Mecam sounds kinda like "meconium".
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      LiveMusic wrote:

      Wow, cheap video cameras are going to change the world!


      This is true. Seeing this already for a while. My Kodak Playsport shoots pretty damn good video (in good lighting conditions) and it was like $100. It's small and compact and I carry with me all the time.

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