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  1. How can I tell exactly what Tele it is? Serial number or just what, and if it's that, what do I do once I know the number? I have no idea what he has other than a couple pics. I see a SN on the headstock. E3 + 5 other numbers.
  2. Got to thinking about that amount of money for someone who doesn't even play electric... heck, I could buy a Tele MIM and later, a Strat MIM for that same amount or less. Hmmm... Regarding the Blues Junior, good to see it's a decent amp, I actually owned one once. I bought that and a MIM Strat but after awhile, I saw I was going to focus on acoustic and ended up parting with that combo. This was, oh, ten years ago. I should just go visit my brother, lol, I think he has a MIM Strat and a little amp. Noodle around up there a few days for free.
  3. What would be a better deal? I was just thinking a USA-made Tele might be easier to sell later if need be or is that not so? I can appreciate there may be very little to no difference in USA/MIJ/MIM Tele's.
  4. I've played acoustic for decades but would like to mess around with electric and I jam with some guys in a full band lineup. Might also use for my own gigs if I get good enough on electric. I play rhythm, so, shouldn't be too hard since I've played acoustic so long? I just mainly don't know how to strum an electric and what kinds of patterns work. Anyway, I like a Tele. I would normally just buy a cheap guitar to mess around with but what the hey, I got some bonus money. I found a 1983 American made Tele, I guess it's stock. Appears to be in very good condition. The guy's ask is $1500. Has a hard case, tweed. Also includes a new Fender Mustang. Don't know amp details, looks like maybe 20 watts? That couldn't suffice for much more than practice alone? Questions... what is the guitar worth? What is a decent amp to get? I can buy new but prefer to buy used to get more bang for buck. This is local to me, I can see it before buying.
  5. Thanks for the info, I never knew about short scale bass guitar. That sounds interesting, as I have been playing acoustic guitar 53 years! Is this one any good? I am open to whatever. I'd rather buy used but that's not much money for new. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Ibanez/GSRM20-Mikro-Short-Scale-Bass-Guitar-Red-1275776901340.gc?pfm=item_page.rrt1|MultiItemPersonalizedViewCP#productDetail
  6. Let me ask a dumb question lol... A couple of situations come to mind... when bass players play small gigs (coffeeshop listening rooms to even louder small honky tonks), do they rely on the volume from the amp, or also line out to the PA? Why line out to the PA, is it for volume or to allow a sound man to achieve a proper mix? If the latter, do you turn down the amp volume and let the PA do the work? Sorry!
  7. What to get? My brother and I keep toying with the idea of one or both of us learning bass. Country, rock, folk, blues. Both of us play acoustic guitar. We have no knowledge of what to buy, any suggestions? I'd prefer to buy used because it seems one could buy a combo for not much. I dunno... less than $300 total for both together. Craigslist, FB marketplace, seem to have quite a selection, just don't know what to look for. If I had my druthers, it would be good enough to jam with buddies but also to do small gigs in case we want to. I have a PA. Just want to get started, one down the way if still interested, could buy better if needed. I assume a 4-string will suffice! Other than winging it, playing by ear, we don't know where to start, I assume could find some youtube lessons, etc.
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