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  1. What to get? My brother and I keep toying with the idea of one or both of us learning bass. Country, rock, folk, blues. Both of us play acoustic guitar. We have no knowledge of what to buy, any suggestions? I'd prefer to buy used because it seems one could buy a combo for not much. I dunno... less than $300 total for both together. Craigslist, FB marketplace, seem to have quite a selection, just don't know what to look for. If I had my druthers, it would be good enough to jam with buddies but also to do small gigs in case we want to. I have a PA. Just want to get started, one down the way if still interested, could buy better if needed. I assume a 4-string will suffice! Other than winging it, playing by ear, we don't know where to start, I assume could find some youtube lessons, etc.
  2. I bought a used D35 in great condition last year. I think I paid about $1500. A Johnny Cash model, used, is over twice that much. Is there any difference other than the JC is black and has his name on it? I would kinda like to have a JC model because I like him and I do sing some of his songs but... just wondering.
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