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Drummers - What is your favorite cover song to play?

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  • Drummers - What is your favorite cover song to play?

    Drummers - What is your favorite cover song to play?

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    Currently, Paranoid by GFR.


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      Just get out of quarantine?


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        Wow! Virtually impossible to narrow it down to one tune........................

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        • coyote-1
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          Yeah, hard to pick just one. But if I have to name one, it's LedBoots.

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        "Stuttering Chicken Chases The Epilectic Worm"


        a real crowd pleaser

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        I should have said what are some of your favorite cover songs to play.  List as many as you want.   Thanks. 


        • cdawg
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          i've not played out covers since i was a teen, but sometimes i play along now, for the hell of it:
          any levon helm or faith no more (anything from angeldust or king for a day.) those two drummers just approach things differently. i find it challenging compared to what i'm used to.

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        really is a whole list! But off the top of my head, Journey, Triumph, Genesis, Phil Collins and so many that I grew up and learned drums on when I was first starting. Or songs I grew up hearing on the radio where I don't have to think of what the next part is, it just comes natural.

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        • 1001gear
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          I love tons- ok maybe pounds of pop/rock tunes but tend to fall asleep to the drumming.

          So Rite of Spring.

          Once thru wears me out so just that one.

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        Journey, Don't Stop Believing - played correctly with all 4 parts and opposite handed on the hats! :smiley-music021:


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        • 1001gear
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          cool story uh, Steve, you said?