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  • Stress balls

    I wanted to share this in case it helps other drummers, but coming out of work, cramming dinner, and shooting to practice, I often don't have time to warm up my hands before the band kicks in that I'd like to - same at gigs!

    Know what's awesome for me? I keep a little squishy stress ball in my car. I find that a few minutes with that while I'm on the way really increases the blood flow and warms up my hands and forearms for the drumming that is to follow. For 99 cents, it's not a bad tool for my drumming aresenal.

    Thought I'd share!

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    I usually just grab on to a pair of sticks whenever I can. I have 3/4 x 18 inch birch dowels that I air drum with as well. The air drumming itself requires a firm hammer/screwdriver grip and is prolly similar to your squeezy ball. Squeezing definitely puts your chops in the play zone and way ahead of premature fatigue.

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      I also have a pair of Chinese stress metal balls. You rotate them around your hand without dropping them. They are solid metal and heavy. It is a work out.


      ps: No teste jokes please. I know ... i know