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Shopping for an AWESOME electric drumkit at a budget?


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  • Shopping for an AWESOME electric drumkit at a budget?

    I've decided to take up a new instrument so I've been thinking of getting an electric drumkit since I live in an apartment.

    This will be my first kit so I've only got a budget of about $500 (not too keen on second hand kits due to my worry about damaged pads).


    At some point, I'll be looking into getting a double-kick pedal but I've heard that some entry level kits can't handle it very well.

    I know I have a very tiny budget, since drums will be my 4th instrument so I can't justify spending too much on it, but I want something that at least sounds decent to play on and will last for a while.



    Where do I start?

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    Electric, your price, don't know anything else about 'em.



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