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Saw Billy Cobham last night


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  • Saw Billy Cobham last night

    He's on tour for the 40th anniverary of Spectrum, and holy **** does he still put on a great show! He looks amazing for being 69 years old. Shorter than I imagined too....

    The show was great. Played a lot of stuff from Spectrum, naturally, and a lot of original compositions from other band members. As expected, it was all next level stuff. Cobham played a drums solo with two sticks in each hand. It was really cool watching him pull that off. He had some issues with his triggers though. He had a few pads that would play loops, and they kept coming on at random times, and not in time with the performance. It looked extremely frustrating.

    He had Gary Husband playing keys with him too. I wish he had a kit set up along with his keys though. Would be really cool to see the two of them play together.


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    Hadn't though about his age. Stunning.
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      He was just in Taos last Sunday and I couldn't go see him.  I bet it was killer!!

      I got to see him back in the 80's in a clinic.  He was amazing and very cool.  I intruduced myself to him afterward and he was great.

      Glad you got to see him, he's one of those must see players.

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    Boomer's definitely my all time fav, and without a doubt my biggest influence. Glad to hear you enjoyed him Grem. I try to see him as much as possible. He won't be around forever.

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      Worth the ticket price anyday to see Billy.