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Is Phil Collins going to return?


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  • Is Phil Collins going to return?

    Drum Magazine link

    Posted today on Drum Magazine's website:

    Phil Collins is considering coming out of retirement and possibly putting together a Genesis reunion. The drummer and singer bowed out in 2011, explaining, "I am stopping so I can be a full-time father to my two young sons on a daily basis."

    But Collins said, "I have started thinking about doing new stuff. Some shows again, even with Genesis. Everything is possible... We could tour in Australia and South America. We haven't been there yet."

    The 62-year-old adds that he's ignored pressure from his manager to do more work

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    I'm no where near Australia or South America. This is useless to me.

    Besides. I thought his back was keeping him from playing drums, and he'd only play keys anymore...
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      Gremson wrote:
      .........  Besides. I thought his back was keeping him from playing drums, and he'd only play keys anymore...

       Phil hasn't been the full time drummer for Genesis since he became the lead vocalist. First Bill Bruford took over those duties and ever since it's been Chester Thompson, except for the "Calling All Stations" tour which Chester opted out of. I'm sure they could get Chester back for a reunion. I can't see Phil playing keyboards with Genesis with Tony Banks around. All he would really be required to do is vocals. I know he was having trouble with his hearing, but if he can work through that then he may be able to do the shows.

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    Well, from a BIG HUGE Phil and Genesis fan, plus the knowledge I know, I think it's a far cry away. From what I know, he got a viral infection in the 90's that effected his hearing and was why all the Tarzan and such stuff didn't sound as "edgy" as the previous stuff. Second is that on the 2007 Genesis Re-tour, Phil began feeling tingling in his fingers and had to go with bigger sticks and heavy cycmbals as the tour progressed.


    After the tour he had nerve surgery done since it was determined that his posture of leaning forward "hoovering" over his set all those years had done great nerve damge where surgery had eased the pain, but made it where he couldn't hold on to sticks anymore. It was said that on his last solo album, that he had "tape" the sticks to his hand.

    Listen to the 2:35 mark on this video.


    Also note the first question here:



    IF IF he does tour with Genesis again, it will be a slowed down, unplugged tour. I don't see any rocking songs by them since one, they had to slow down the tempo of the 2007 tour songs, two, he can't drum no where near like he used to. Unless he's lying?? I mean like good too!

    For evidence here is Genesis from the 2007 "When in Rome" Tour.


    Noticed how slowed down it is and how the pitch is really dropped?

    Now I could see them doing something like this maybe,but it would mean way smaller venues which I can't see it working out or them messing with it enough to tour around the world to do it.


    So in the end, especially as far as Gaberiel and Hackett, These guys are in their 60's now and haven't played together regularly since they were in  their 20's! Gaberiel has an awesome solo career going on just as much as Phil does, Steve Hackett has his own niche as well with solo work and at times with other members of Genesis, tour members or otherwise. Tony Banks has had Huge success with his classical composistions in the UK. Mike Rutherford is still working a lot with Mike and the Mechanics and has been showing a few signs of slowing down some as well. I don't think it was planned as far as the older members and just more of how they have learned how to move on from the Genesis days over time. And even if Phil does rejoin Genesis, it won't be the same. More of a Brian Wilson goin back to Beach Boys thing. I Hope my post shows why. Sorry so long

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      Pft. Lotta healthy cats can't play anywhere near how he used to.

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      Lotsa good info there, Twosticks. This is ALL speculation, and Phil was vague, and for all we know, everyone else would scoff at it.

      For me, part of being a fan is that hope, though, that maybe, just MAYBE, it could happen and be as awesome as we want it to be.