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YouTube: Joni Mitchell and Jaco Pastorius


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  • YouTube: Joni Mitchell and Jaco Pastorius

    Jaco appears around 1:38 into it. I really like this song from her Hejira album.

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    my favorite Jaco tune / line... and my favorite Joni tune as well.
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      Sucked hard


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        Sucked hard

        Can you elaborate? I'm serious, I'm not trying to start a fight, I just want to know what specific things drew you to the conclusion that it "sucked hard".

        I'm really curious about how or why different people like different kinds of music. When I listen to new music and find something I hate, I listen to it again and figure out why. Maybe I'm weird.


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          Also, at 1:38? He comes in with Joni's guitar during the intro

          I am gonna watch the concert DVD now..the whole thing is ****************ing golden.


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            I was shocked when someone played a bunch of Jaco's own music for me and I didn't like any of it. He put on Joni and I immediately say, "Wow, I like that bassist." and my friend remarked, "that's Jaco."


            I like the stuff he did with Joni. But Jaco's own stuff is too damned abstract-feeling, and cluttered.

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              Great song Perfessur. Thanks for posting it. This one is my favorite.

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                I saw Jaco live with both Weather Report and Joni Mitchell. Of course the Joni stuff is more palatable for those who aren't that into jazz, despite the jazz leanings of her band at the time it wasn't as hardcore as Weather Report. I liked both shows equally but it was cool seeing Jaco play more "songy" in Joni's band though because his melodic sense had to be more in tune with her. It's a similar effect that Bill Bruford's band had on Jeff Berlin since Bruford's brand of fusion was highly structured yet still left open spots for improvisation, which made these spots more dramatic and interesting IMO.


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                  Thanks - Jaco had the SOUL man.
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                    Great vid! Thanks!
                    Tastes just like
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                      great band also : pat metheny, lyle mays, don alias and michael brecker

                      the shadows and light album is a must for all the fretless players. great job by mr p
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                        great band also : pat metheny, lyle mays, don alias and michael brecker

                        the shadows and light album is a must for all the fretless players. great job by mr p

                        I think it's a must for bass players in general. ****************ing fantastic album.


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                          I love listening to Jaco with Joni. Jaco was one of the reasons I got into bass. He (along with the bass player of the band I was in) changed my idea of the instrument, but his work with Joni is what I love the most now.
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                            Gotta agree with that, I listen to Hejira and Mingus way more than Heavy Weather or his ST (which I love).


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                              great stuff - another great talent lost too soon

                              I never get tired of that clip
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