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  1. Hope this is the right forum... Olympia by Tacoma F style Mandolin, Case, Strap, Extra set of strings.. $300 shipped. Arthritis prevents my fingers from contorting into the shapes needed to really play it... SO give it a good home. Small chip on the back... It was that way when I got it. Murphy Method Bluegrass Learning materials.... Only the Beginner DVD has been opened. DVD's 15.00 for the beginner one, 20.00 for the rest. Jack Tottle bluegrass book - 12.00 shipped. I have the MP3's for this book with a note from Tottle about them. They are legit. The Book originally came with an LP it is no longer published this way, but someone converted it to MP3's and pitch corrected them. All prices include shipping.
  2. Man, you just got that recently didn't you? It's a beauty.
  3. Selling it for my poor college student daughter. Got hers upgraded, and now need to move this one. Only thing is it needs a new battery. Spec wise, Dell Inspiron 1501, bought new from Dell. Processor: 1.6GHz Turion 64 X2 TL-50 Memory: 1GB DDR2 Storage: 60GB 5400RPM SATA hard drive Optical Drives: Double-layer DVD
  4. What's an MM weight? It's the short scale right. 32 or 30?
  5. On Hold pending payment.
  6. Barcus Berry Soulmate Clip on Tuner Clip-on automatic chromatic tuner with backlight LCD screen that tunes by picking up vibrations directly from the instrument. Works with all fretted, band and orchestral instruments. Unaffected by outside ambient noise. 12-note full range capacity and transposes into all keys. One of the best Clip on's I've every seen. 25.00 Shipped.
  7. Here's the bass being played by a buddy. [YOUTUBE]r95uda7lXg8[/YOUTUBE]
  8. Same here, maybe the pointy headstock is scaring people off... Thanks for the comment skiscem
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