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I understand what Anderton meant...

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  • I understand what Anderton meant...

    when he said the HC migration was going to start. He meant to other forums.

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    They could have saved our fucking passwords so we didn't need to reset our accounts.


    • ThudMaker
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      I didn't have a problem resetting my password. The email for resetting it will likely end up in your junk folder, though. Mine did. Easy fix. There are bigger problems with this new forum. Font color. The white background. It's just plain hard to read.

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    Whaa hoppen.....
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    • niomosy
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      Perfessor wrote:
      Whaa hoppen.....

      Rather than migrate to a new vBulletin config, HC keeps trying to buy other lousy software that's horrid in comparison.

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    wow this software is terrible.


    multiple clicks to quote reply.  when you click a topic you go to the last post, instead of first...


    wow, just wow.......

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