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  1. ok ok it's not what you're thinking.... I'm a professional bass player and educator that has been teaching bass lessons online for a few years now and I need to fill out my webcam studio. Here are some details: We's use skype for audio/video (which is free) We'd use paypal for payment. You pay for how much time you want. $1/minute Usually i teach 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons. I can pretty much teach you anything you want to do. What ever your bass goals may be, together we can achieve them. I play electric bass, fretless bass, Upright bass (jazz/classical) and extended range basses. Check out my myspace music page for a bio etc www.myspace.com/densonangulo PM me for questions or more details or to get signed up! I also do correspondence lessons for $20 each Visit the Bass forum and post any questions for the whole forum if you need referrals on my playing and/or teaching THANKS!!! This thread was created with the suggestion from a Bass forum moderator in mind. PM Catphish with complaints or further information about this thread
  2. ampeg portabass is sold the accugrooves are still available
  3. i have a chance to be an official aguilar endorser, but i have to play only aguilar check this thread for the story...which is not bad, so...anyone wanna buy by accugroove cabs? hardly (sadly enough) used...includes custom covers. i have two and i'd like to sell them as a pair but if not that's ok. take advantage of the little discount 1400 + shipping for both link to product description or $700 each + shipping
  4. How's the low B on that Washburn? surprisingly good. I use a heavier guage and it sounds great. a good starter for the price.
  5. Hey all i'm selling off some basses and other things of interest. the good cause? i need cash for my WEDDING! woo hoo yes i'm getting hitched. so anyway Carvin LB76F quilted purple maple top. $800 with hardcase SOLD!!!!! Washburn MB6 in awesome shape $300 with hardcase SOLD!!!! Squire 4 string with new DiMarzio pickups (midi pickup not included) $200 with soft bag headstock signed by victor wooten buyer pays shipping to their location. 2002 Daewoo Nubira CDX Wagon with new tires, chrome wheels and 56145 miles $5000 (special offer for forumites!) perfect for hauling upright bass and other bass gear!!!!! I hope this thread isn't too spammy but i really need some help so i can give a good honeymoon and pay for things. THANKS!
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