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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Okay here we go, this amps sounds very good if you play on your own, very beautifull. However, if you play with other people this thing is a total dog. This amp just cant cut through the mix!! All i can hear are the nasty high frequencies! This makes the amp totally useless in a live situation. I've tried messing around with the eq etc, nothing helps. My friend has a Cube60 and although it doesn't sound as good as the vox it totally shines in the mix!! Did Vox even test this amp in a live situation???!! Crazy. This thing can go quite loud. My cab seems to vibrate badly at even low volumes, very annoying. I dont really use the effects but the rotary cab sounds really nice! Wow! The delay is a bit lame, my old Zoom505II had better delay than this thing. The manual says they modelled it after an anologue tape unit, but it sound really unwarm and digital to me. Cant really comment on the rest. Playing on your own i'll give it an 8. Otherwise a 5


I think the construction is a bit shoddy, like i said my cab vibrates badly. The material covering the cab is really thin. My fan also got really noisey after the first few days Vox really cut corners in the construction. It hasn't let me down yet but thats not saying much. No opinion here really.

General Comments

Basically this amps sound great on it's own. With other people it just cant cut through the mix. The construction is questionable. Switching channels and fx is a bit limited. It's a shame, vox had something good going, they just had it half baked. Maybe next time!


I think i'm going with a cube!

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