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  1. Ever day I start out playing ‘long notes’... but the problem is that if you can’t play fast (I can’t), then you can’t finish the phtase before you run out of wind. I’m getting wind, bu5 my fingers need to go faster.
  2. Yeah... it’s pretty discouraging listening to musicians who grew up playing the instrument. I can kinda wail on the solo to ‘Careless Whisper’... the good player really know how to hit the best notes (high C#... no fingers!) at the most important places. I’ll settle for not sucking too badly : )
  3. I’ve been taking alto sax lessons for the last few months... I’ve played classical piano, then rock, then jazz over the last 50 years. The piano is like a music typewriter... any idiot can play any single note just as well as Oscar or Thelonius or Mozart... just push a key down. The very obviousness of how to make music on a piano is what makes it so cool to play. Press a bunch of notes at once and evoke a color... keep doing it and make music... or noise. The sax can only play one note at a time, but that note can honk, or growl, or sing, or sob, or throb, or bend, or scoop in the hands of a master... who strings together blistering fast brilliance... or squeal like a frightened pig in the hands of a beginner. Some notes take no fingers, some take all your fingers and other parts of your hand. Some intervals are easy, others are like a finger puzzle. Some notes can be fingered two or three different ways to make certain intervals less awkward... which makes improvising very interesting. I’m loving it... I’ve been renting a crap instrument and starting to look into buying a better horn. I’ll never master the thing, but somehow the people I play with think I know what I’m doing : )
  4. Maybe because they had a full orchestra with actual musicians playing together at the same time in an actual acoustic space... ditto for the early rock recordings... now music is laid down a track at a time with very little interplay. IMO, the music was just better. In the day, we took it for granted... now we look back in awe.
  5. Modern recordings have been processed so they fill all the frequencies and compressed so they are at nearly maximum volume at all times. Further, they have been quantized or played against a click so a lot of the feel has been eliminated. Older recordings had holes, fluid tempos, and dynamics that draw you into the musical space. Just MHO.
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