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Joe Mama-501W7

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I use a strat with Fralins. I like the Vox models, but I wish the manual would give more info on top boost settings. I have been using it for about 3 months now and have found only three models I like. I have not heard all the real amps modeled, so I can't comment on how authentic they sound and I really don't care, I just want good tone. There seems to be a loud static-like noise comming from the amp even when the guitar is not plugged in, and all the controls are set to zero, fully counter-clockwise. I must reduce the volume control on the back to prevent this from happening. It reduces the volume by half, so I can't gig with it, just use it as a practice amp. At high volume (and high hiss) the cabinet makes a horrible distorted noise at certain frequencies which I understand is from the closed back concept. I don't use the effects, and I have the noise gate completely shut off. The compressor increases the volume substanially, even on normal moderate passages. I don't understand why. Every other compressor I have used increases sustain and low-volume passages, and decreases the volume of the high-volume passages. This one just increases volume, and totally distorts the original signal. I have adjusted all parameters according to the manual, but no luck. It's too bad, because it's really the only effect I would like to use on the Marshall amp models. The Botique clean sounds excellent.


I am also worried after reading the reviews here. I have owned several Marshalls, maybe 4 in my life. Three of them died. Korg makes this amp also. Hmm... I am worried now.. I can't gig with it becuase it is not loud enough.

General Comments

I have been playing 5 years. I like this amp for practice, but will stick with tube amps and pedals. I probably should have tested it more in the store. I have it in a gazillion pieces right now trying to figure out what is wrong with it and why it buzzes so much. Since it is all digital, it is unlikely I will be able to fix it.

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