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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Still new to it, and it clearly needs breaking in, but very impressed so far. With AC-30 setting I was getting a sound very similar to the Small Faces on Afterglow or All or Nothing with my Tele. Lots of other models as detailed in other reports below. The modern amp sounds very 1990's and cool distorted. The Boutique Clear is really sweet, and Fender models are lovely. Cant say the same about the effects section, which in my view sounds very digital and weak. The compressor for example when on high volume gives a notable digital fade to the end of the note. AutoWah is useless (get a pedal!). But I suppost thats my point, I have a pedal board with Boss Compressor, Delay, Big Muff Fuzz, Small Clone Chorus, so didnt buy this amp for effects. You will have fun with them, but I cant really class them as serious effects. Only one I would suggest is worth using is the Reverb. Otherwise, sound is so so sweet when you get the right setting. Can occasionally sound a bit muddy, and volume differences between models are a bit extreme (try changing from a loud Boutique CL setting to Nu Metal, and you will shake the windows) Still, sounds lovely though. Got to mark this down for the effects section being superflous, but would give it a 10 otherwise


Obviously put together cheaply at this price, but it doesnt really show. Plastic corners, cheap covering material (but lovely metal grille that is solid!!) Chickenhead switches seem to turn too easily between models, but they are firmly stuck on. Not broken yet, but then it's brand new!

General Comments

Been playing a few years, but still only class myself as a beginner to intermediate. Terrible with theory, but think my technique aint bad.


I play MIM Tele and Am Std Strat through it and it is a huge improvement on my Marshall 30 DFX rubbish. It sounds so sweet and warm, and has massive variety. Still new to it, so got lots to play with before I've explored it all. Value for money though, cant go wrong.

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