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  1. I am planning to have a luthier build a guitar for me from Warmoth materials and here’s the spec: Body: chambered Jazzmaster body from swamp ash with a non-tremolo fix bridge Neck: maple neck with rosewood fretboard I want a single coil in neck and a humbucker in bridge and look for the following characteristics: Single coil in neck: Clean tone: very soft and clean for pop, R&B, fusion, and jazz. I do not want something that sounds harsh with too much treble. Distortion: preferably can do a typical Guns N' Roses solo, but I am willing to trade off for clean sound if need to compromise. Humbucker in bridge: Distortion: full, thick, and fat with lots of clarity. I do not care about the clean sound here. In addition, I want the sound to be very 3 dimensional (for the lack of better description); I’ve been playing some Ibanez Prestige RG types guitar with Dimarzio PAF in neck and Super Distortion in bridge – while they sound great, I always feel the tone is “2 dimensional” and “flat” even compared to a much cheaper Gibson SG or Schecter super strat, so I am not sure if that’s an Ibanez problem or pickup problem. I mainly play pop, fusion, rock, alternatives and grunge. For examples, Oasis, Garbage, Alanis Morissette, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains. I am not looking to clone any of the tone; just want a good sounding guitar that can get close enough to have fun. Let me know your suggestion!
  2. I am currently looking for a 88 keys keyboard/digital piano and considering the followings: Roland RD-2000 Roland FA-08 Yamaha CP4 Korg SV-1 Kurzweil Artis Which of these feel most closely to a real piano in terms of key touch? In the spec or description there are "weighted Progressive Hammer Action", "Fully-weighted Hammer-action", "Real Weighted Hammer Action", etc, and I don't really understand what they mean. Can someone with experience of any of the above model share your experience? Thanks! [h=1][/h]
  3. Came across a website that has Fender Strat and Gibson Les Paul sales data in the past ten years. Might be useful for some of you guys. To me it looks like their Les Paul data is better than the Fender one. Anyway here you go http://guitarshopping.org/fender-stratocaster-sales-data-2011/ http://guitarshopping.org/les-paul-2011-sales-data/
  4. Anyone has experience with both in terms of live performance use and flexibility? Thanks
  5. It's actually just a typical seasonal flu, but still need to be careful because it can kill many people
  6. I post here for fun and go to TGP when I really need to ask for something... but I'll admit I love here much better
  7. Well just about any amp is better than a Marshall MG, but that's beside the point. win!
  8. Maybe I am stupid, but can anyone tell me what does the 22 Caliber do?
  9. I was trying the whammy effect in Digitech GSP 1101, and the 2 octave up effect just doesn't sound impressive compared to what I can do with my floyd rose. Does anyone feel the same or there's some tips for using the whammy effect? Btw, I assume the whammy effect in GSP1101 is the same as the Whammy pedal since they are all made by Digitech right? Thanks
  10. Does G Major do what the Whammy does? Thanks
  11. What's the best position for the digitech whammy? I plan to put all pedals in rack, and only put a wah, whammy, and volume pedal on the ground. Will this work? guitar-->wireless in the rack--->wah--->whammy--->volume pedal-->rack (preamp, effects, power amp)--> speaker Thanks
  12. why not a boss, ibanez or maxon? Yes they are perfectly fine, but I only know boss, not familiar with Ibanez and Maxon pedals.
  13. This is not the typical best overdirve/distortion pedal thread. I am looking for a distortion pedal that is similar to boss, ibanez, or maxon where the "stepping area" is larger than a tiny metal switch, and when I step on it, the pedal will make no noise. Please recommend! Thanks
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