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Sound Quality

Sound Quality is hard to say.Cause the sound quality you get from the effect itself depends on the sound you put in... I play a Laker strat imitation and a Yamaha Pacifica 821D with DiMarzio pickups.I am very happy with the sound i get out of this box. It is a little bit noisy on some settings, but compared to newer multi effects it does a great job. I don¿¿t use all of the built in effects.Mostly just distortion and chorus and reverb.All three effects rock.I am mostly using it with a Vester Maniac amp that i got at home to practice.I wish there was a 150 Watts transistor Vester Maniac amp out there.The combination of both sounds great to me. In a few days I¿¿ll use it with a Sovtek Mig 50.Hope it will sound good together. I have got so many "favourite" artist that it would take me years to program all their sounds.I am all happy that I found mine. I read that some guys here wrote they had a problem with the clean sounds.No problems here! You can set the volume level for distortion and for clean sounds on the same user bank separately ! Do so and everything is going to be fine. The only situation where the sound sucks is when you try to play your sound using headphones.The sound over the headphones is all mushy.And there¿¿s that it¿¿s Sennheiser¿¿s fault ! Nearly forgot to say: What i like most is the warm sound and that you could add as much bass to your sound as you like.GNX4 can do so...POD XT LIVE never !


First of all I need to say that I bought the unit when it hit the stores.I must admit I had no idea what I was buying, what kind of factory Digitech was. I just started playing the guitar. But up to now...and I¿¿ll have to lie about the time passed cause I honestly don¿¿t remember when i bought it,it works just fine ! ! ! No Problems at all.This thing is solid as a rock!I LOVE IT !Read that some guys out there had problems with it.Most of them bought it second hand.Mine was new, and still sounds, works and looks new, though it really had some hard times with me.Never ever want to miss that thing.Must admit that the power connector is the weakest part of it. It still works fine but i will have to get the cables isolated so they don¿¿t get damaged.People who have the unit surely know what I am talking about.There is a plastic part that prevent the cables from being buckled.That thing is broken now.....but damn it it¿¿s over 10 years old.Got beer on it , used it nearly every day.What could you possibly want more from such a unit ? And YES i WOULD and WILL use it on a gig without a back up.

General Comments

I play metal.I do mix up a million different styles, so it would be useless to try to describe it.

I do play guitar for nearly 15 years now (god that sucks, I¿¿m getting old).

If the RP-5 was stolen it would be better not to find out who it was.

I guess you get that right !?!?

I would try to get another one as soon as possible.But if I really had to buy an other effect than this I would surely hold on to Digitech.By the way...I had the POD XT LIVE and after 2 weeks i still got no sound out of it that would make me want one.



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