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  1. http://axial.roland.com/articles/jupiter-50-synth-legends/
  2. http://axial.roland.com/articles/jupiter-80-synth-legends/
  3. Sounds like an electric guitar quickly picked repeatedly
  4. Well, I had a chance to finish a page on the Proteus FX , and since this unit has the Proteus 2 patch used by Mark Snow for the song, I thought I would post it... Wissler (used in The X-Files theme) Cool, uh? uh? Other goodies on this unit: Acoustic a jumbo acoustic guitar... realistic VoxHuman a surprisingly realistic choir Conductr an expressive violin, classic Emulator sounds echoist an analog pad from a very digital unit Rain like on the classic Roland GM set ToTheBar a cool 1960s Lounge organ PeaceOrc more orchestral goodness
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