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Sound Quality

AXE-EVH Wolfgang standard/Ibanez rg570 modded and it does what I need it to do and no more. There is no distortion on this it is delay only so you need a kick arse amp and/or preamp. I use a JMP1 so its fine in partnership.


It has had a few knocks and has never broken down. ive had it for over 10yrs from new.


General Comments

Ive been playing for about 17yrs and have finally a great sounding rig (well have had for years now). This is a puny part of that, and if it was stolen or it stopped working one day I couldnt care less and gives me an excuse to go and get a new one that suits my taste better. As I am now a father of two I dont gig at present so I really have no desire to upgrade just yet. But if all you want is delay (like I did) then its great, reliable but programming it is TERRIBLE, forget about it!!!

Reviewer's Background

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