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Sound Quality

The stock Boss GE-7 was unusable with my set-up. It was extremely noisy when I would boost or cut any frequency. I researched this problem and found Monte Allums. I bought the kit before realizing his authorized installer was Chad Matthews. Both of these guys are fantastic to work with (see Customer Support below). My set up (in signal chain order): Jackson SL-1 Soloist (DiMarzio Tone Zone in bridge) or Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster (Vintage Noiseless PU's) - Boss Tuner, Boss GE-7 with Monte Allums Plus Mod, Ibanez Tube Screamer Reissue, Boss SD-1, Boss CH-3, MXR Carbon Copy, Lee Jackson Mr. Springgy reverb, Ernie Ball volume pedal to a Marshall 1987XL Plexi Reissue (50 Watt) into a Marshall 1960BX cabinet with 25 Watt Greenbacks. I have painstakingly tried many pedals and I don't want any excess noise or coloring of tone. For simplicity, I keep all the pedals ahead of the amp. I may try using the FX loop for the chorus, delay and reverb in the future. The Monte Allums GE-7 Mod Plus works great. It is so much more quiet and responsive than stock. I don't think it adds any additional noise to the signal path. I use it mostly for rhythms to shape my tone and tighten up the sound. The Ibanez Tube Screamer has great tone, but a large mid-range hump, so I use the Boss GE-7 to pull some of the mids and highs out of the input signal. This will now be a great pedal for shaping tone when recording.


I've never had any reliability problems with Boss pedals. I've been playing for over 30 years and have never met anyone who had issues with one. The white LED that the Monte Allums kit adds makes it unique and look great in the pedalboard.

General Comments

I've been playing classic rock for over 30 years and now play primarily contemporary Christian music and instrumental rock. The Monte Allums GE-7 Plus mod is a great addition to my pedalboard, making the unusable stock GE-7 now an important part of shaping my tone. The white LED is unique.


I can't say enough about Monte Allums or Chad Matthews. Great product and great service!

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