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Sound Quality

THIS IS THE BEST ROCK N' ROLL AMP I HAVE EVER PLAYED IN 33 YEARS, I DON'T NEED ANY OTHER AMPS FOR ROCK. It has ALL the classic rock tones. If you are looking for metal and scooped mids stay away from this amp. I really like it best with a 4 X12 with Celestion Greenbacks (V30s are also great match), but also have a Bogner 1 x 12 ported cab with a Celstion 80 that sounds great/records well. This is an amp made to rock, but it can do blues, R&B and funk if you need it too. The gain is soaring and it never gets too muddy. It's loud but the master on each channel volume truly works GREAT. YOU WILL BE HEARD! The EL 34's sound great and do run hot. One secret: to get a Fender sound out of the clean channel, grab a Strat on neck pickup, use the bright switch to B1, then put treble at 1.30, middle at 10.30 and bass at 11, then turn the gain way down to 9 and then use the volume to crank it up, no boost switch/off, plus speaker excursion set on T and presence on 2-3, this gets you close to a Super Reverb kind of tone. The mids knob is key, moving it around really changes the sound a good bit. Lots of formulas for great sounds, but you did need to spend some time with it and use your ears!


The amp has never broken on me except once when i stupidly switched power from A to A/B without putting it in standby and fried the tubes. Have also had tube changes done here in Austin with Austin Vintage guitars, easy no fuss job. Have also had tube changes done here in Austin with Austin Vintage guitars, easy no fuss job. Have changed power tubes a few times locally at Austin Vintage Guitars, no issues.


General Comments

These amps are expensive but worth every nickel if you are playing for TONE. You need to have good speaker cabs to get the best tone from the amps. Good guitars help too. I really have no interest in other rock amps/no need for new or vintage Marshalls etc, this baby does it all (except metal). I would buy another in a heartbeat if mine was stolen. I use Collings City Limit DLX (Les Paul style) with it for ballsy rock, and a Gold Sparkle team-built Strat for Hendrix style tones. It works VERY WELL with a KLON Centaur Overdrive pedal -- make sit sound lik the amp is going to blow up, and get the Hendrix Band Of Gypsys tone!

Reviewer's Background

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