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  1. I so agree this could be the next big thing. I had the Source Audio Multiwave pedal, it was cool but I prefer a more tube screamer softer clipping. Before my Vetta died, I used to select two amps at once and make one distort only highs, and the other distort only lows, and that got rid of a lot of the intermodulation mess. It astounds me to no end how most even high end guitar amps have a lot of this intermodulation going on, I think it sounds terrible, but it is as if no one else hears what I am talking about. Most preamps are letting way too much low frequencies. I have often though, if someone made a nice tube amp, with multiband tube distortion, they would really have something. BTW Craig, thirty years ago, I got the crazy idea to order this reverb and limiter kit from this mail order company. And it indirectly caused me to have a very good career. Thanks for your circuits through the years !
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