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Sound Quality

I use a Marshall V65R with it, and the sound on it is pretty clean. I love playing Metallica and the pre-set "Tallica" setting on the Tec8 kicks ASS! It sounds fucking awesome like the real band, so uh, if you like Metallica, buy this pedal.


It seems reliable but I have only had it a day now, I would use it on a gig because, besides the fact that it kicks ass, its all I have.... The plastic might have held up under that alleged truck-driving-over it ad, but I doubt the pedal did because it is not that tough.

General Comments

I like playing metal so this pedal works out fine, if this pedal were lost and/or stolen I'd kick the person's ass, then reclaim my pedal. It has a jam-along track and a tuner, which is kind of helpful, although this is my first pedal, I spent a bitchload of time looking for one and testing them out at Guitar Center so I got the best one for my money, before buying this thing real cheap on Ebay.

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