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  1. My Savage MK1 seems to be just fine. The power tubes are KT88's which can put out 120ish watts per pair when run at high voltages. I think the rating is somewhat generous. But with guitar amps ratings are somewhat generalized based on the number of tubes when the actual wattage or decibels could be much higher or lower than expected, especially when you consider frequency. Long story short, the KT88's in the ENGL Savage keep up just fine with any other expected 100 Watt tube amp I own and actually has higher headroom than most of them. Longevity seems to be on par as well with anything else I have. They should run hotter, but are also designed to take it. Realistically speaking even my 50 watt tube amps, like a EVH 5150 III 50W is more than loud enough for any band or stage situation (I play super loud Death Metal BTW). So really the jump from 50 Watt to 100 Watt is just headroom mostly. And the KT88's in the Savage 120 is super clean almost hifi style headroom. Killer amps and very versatile.
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