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Sound Quality

In my opinon, this is by far teh most important category. It is true, it does sound like a cross between a Strat and a Tele. The bridge pu is a bit tinny, but good for leads. I personally use the combe of the middle pu and the neck pu for the fullest sound, with the least amount of hum. The single coils when selected by themselves, are noisy, but they are super hot. Now, this is definitely not a guitar anyone wants to use for Korn or something like that. I play more along the lines of Radiohead, and other brit-pop stuff. BTW, I play through a Laney LC30 combo and a 1962 Marshall Bluesbreaker combo.


These guitars are hand-made with the old pre CBS Fender machines in Fullerton, so you know the wood is good and the hardware is excellent. The only thing I have replaced in the two years of heavy playing are the saddles, which were only $16 a set, so I bought 2.

General Comments

I have been playing for about ten years. I have gone through playing an Ibanez R470, a Samick Strat knock-off, as well as Yamaha Pacifica. It's obvious that compared to my previous guitars, that the G&L is tons better, but I did my research, and shopping around. For the money, it is a good guitar.


My next guitar purchase will probably something like a Guild Starfire IV or a Rickenbacker 360.

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